Being an Entrepreneur is a very hard thing to do. You are not even sure if you are going to make it or end up unsuccessful. A lot of times you will feel like giving up. But, worry not. Here are 25 valuable books that will fuel your spirit.

  • The Art of  The Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything

How do you turn your ideas into action? How do you establish a brand without cash? Find out the answers to these questions in this powerful book written by Guy Kawasaki.

  • Thrive-  Arianna Huffington

Written by the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, this book gives you ideas on how to make changes in your life, manage your time and business without neglecting yourself.

  • Think and Grow  Rich

Napoleon Hill, was hired to find out the traits that made people successful in life. The findings; It is all in the mindset and psychology. Read on to find out more.

  • The Art of  Social Media- Guy Kawasaki And Peg Fitzpatrick

This book gives you an idea on the highs and lows of marketing and networking and how to use social media to grow and expand your business. Find out how complete with tactics that have been proven to work.

  • The 7 Habits  of Highly Effective People- Steven R Covey

This book has been highly acclaimed in its 25 years of existence. It gives you lessons on change that can help transform your life.

  • The  Entrepreneurial Spirit Lives: 25 Tales to Help Entrepreneurs Start, Grow and Succeed  in Small Business- Cavanaugh  L. Gray

This book mainly focuses on small and medium enterprises that are home based. Cavanaugh Gray shares inspiring stories of his diverse business experience over the years, as the founder of The Entrepreneur Café LLC.

  • Money  Master the Game- Anthony Robbins

There is so much that you can learn from this book. Anthony details his 7- step blueprint to guarantee your financial success in this hard economic times. Read on expert advice to dispel any myths that might rob you of your financial dreams.

  • The 4 Hour  Work Week- Timothy Ferris

This book is a bestseller in time management. It advises you on how to live more and work less.

  • The  Productivity Project- Chris Bailey

How do you maximize productivity in your organization? This book offers you over 25 business practices, that will help you achieve more, in your business. It gives you tips on managing time and energy for an efficient life.

  • The  Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

If you want to gain the wisdom of listening to your heart, recognizing opportunities, following your dream, learning to read signs strewn along life’s path, then this is the book for you.

  • Creativity  Workout: 62 Exercises to Unlock Your Most Creative Ideas

Edward de Bono opens our eyes on several methods that you can use to bring out the creativity in you. This book gives you insights that can help you succeed beyond your limits.

  • The New  Business Road Test: What Entrepreneurs and Executives Should Do Before Writing a Business Plan- John Mullins

Gain effective insight on mistakes that can finish up your business even before it starts. The book gives you guidelines on effective risk management and prevention. Also there you can find reviews of companies and what business plans they used.

  • The Toilet  Paper Entrepreneur- Mike Michalowicz

Are you a startup owner, with a previous failed business, no business plan and no cash? Here is the book for you.

  • How to Win  Friends and Influence People- Dale Carnegie

If you are running a social business, this book will give you People Skills 101; How to interact and influence.

  • The  Entrepreneur Mind- Kevin D. Johnson

At the end of reading this book, you will have developed a mindset for success by simply changing your thoughts.

  • The Art of  Nonconformity- Chris Guillebeau

Get rid of all your assumptions about life and work. You don’t have to conform to succeed. Use alternative options and live on your own terms.

  • Influence the  Psychology of Persuasion- Robert Cialdini

How can you be more persuasive and make people say yes to your business? It is all about understanding yourself and others. This book will give insightful ideas on marketing your business.

  • The Best of  Guerilla Marketing; Guerilla Marketing Remix

This is a great book for all your marketing needs; branding, networking, social media, etc. find out the latest tools, secrets and strategies in marketing.

  • Entreleadership:  20 Years of Practical Business Wisdom from The Trenches- Dave Ramsey 

Learn how to be a great leader, while growing yourself and your business at the same time.

  • She Takes on  The World- Natalie Macneil

This book is highly suited for female entrepreneurs. It serves as a guide to being your own boss and living your life with a purpose of sharing experiences of entrepreneurial women. If you feel lost, then this book will serve as a guide to your destined awesome path.

  • Rework-  Jason Fried

What if there is a way, that you can do less planning and more actual doing? Can you set your own challenges, to succeed better and faster? Jason argues that sometimes, a plan might be harmful to your business. Find out here.

  • Blink-  Malcolm Gladwell

Why are the best decisions always the ones that are impossible to explain to others? Can you think without thinking? This book tells you that sometimes your greatest strength is in trusting your instinct, and spending less time second guessing yourself.

  • Blog to Win  Business- Henneke Duistermaat

This is a great book for those who blog as a business. It provides you with the vital skills that will ensure your readers remain enchanted and customers glued to your blog posts.

  • Conscious  Capitalism- John Mackey And Raj 

Conscious capitalism can be defined as a business that takes care of the interests of all its major stakeholders; internal and external. This book gives you ideas on how to run your business in a holistic manner.

  • The $100  Startup- Chris Guillebeau

Chris travels across over 175 nations. He identifies 1,500 individuals, who have built businesses earning $50,00 or more, from an investment of $100 or less. In this book, he shares 50 most inspiring case studies. You can check this out here.

Did I miss your favorite? I know, there are millions of entrepreneurship books out there and I couldn’t capture all of them. Check them out, you will gain lots of insightful ideas along the way. Happy reading.