25 Things to Do Before Turning 25

I actually cried when I turned 25. I know, lame.

Here is how I look at it. If you live 100 years (fingers crossed) 25 marks the end of the first quarter of your life. 25 seems like the age we realize growing up is inevitable. We may still be young and crazy, but can no longer consider ourselves to be in our early 20s.

Instead of doing what I did and having a complete emotional breakdown – I mean anxiety sucks right? – enjoy life the most you can to avoid having a quarter life crisis.

1. Ride every roller coaster at the theme park

Once, twice, three times or more

2. Sing as loud as you can in a public place

Without caring who hears

3. Write a letter to your future self

Save it for your 50th birthday

4. Buy something expensive

Don't return it either

5. Go through the drive-thru backward

Make sure no one else is in line!

6. Visit your grandparents

Before you lose the chance

7. Jump on the bed while jamming to your favorite song

Use your hairbrush microphone

8. Give a stranger advice

Without them asking for it

9. Take a trip alone

Even if it's a short one

10. Hug your mom for no reason

You'll both be glad you did

11. Get lost on purpose

Put away the GPS

12. Sled down the biggest hill

And build a snow fort too

13. Take lots of pictures

They'll be the best memories later on

14. Forgive someone

Let go of the past

15. Use a cheesy pickup line

You may find your soul mate

16. Potentially save someone's life

Don't text and drive

17. Go out in a costume

On a day besides Halloween

18. Hula-hoop

In the middle of a store preferably

19. Eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting

Just one time… or once a week

20. Do cartwheels

It doesn't matter if you're bad at them

21. See your favorite band in concert

And send them a fan letter

22. Get a short haircut

It will grow back

23. Drive a boat

Or a jet ski

24. Spend time in a small town

You might be suprised how much fun you'll have

25. Tell your friends you love them

They'll be with you through this journey

Sure these things are simple, but isn't it the simple things that matter the most?