23 True Crime Facts That Will Boggle Your Mind

There are few things that shock us anymore. I mean think about it, we’re exposed to so much information these days that we’re numb to how cripplingly disturbing some human beings are and have been in the past. It’s mind boggling to even think that, at one point, people like this walked around just like the rest of us. 

  1. Ted Bundy used ruses – like fake injuries – to draw his victims into his Volkswagen Beetle.

  2. He also killed women who resembled his ex-fiancee who broke his heart. 

  3. Bundy is widely considered to be the best looking serial killer and he’s actually going to be played by Zac Efron in a movie.

  4. He worked at a suicide hotline and probably saved just as many lives as he took. (Not that that makes up for being a serial killer…)

  5. Oh, and did you know that Ted Bundy literally broke out of prison and attacked a sorority house in Florida?

  6. He ended up being executed in Florida in the late 80s.

  7. Gary Ridgway has the highest body count in the United States.

  8. Seriously over 100 confirmed kills.

  9. Even though he’s the most prolific serial killer in American history, he’s considered really, really boring by the true crime community.

  10. HH Holmes is considered to be America’s first serial killer.

  11. He built a literal murder castle in Chicago during the World Fair.

  12. Most of his stuff was about money though, which is actually a lot less interesting than people think.

  13. The first sexual psychopath (AKA the kind of serial killer most of us know about) was Earle Nelson.

  14. His nickname was the “Gorilla Killer.”

  15. Also, like no one has heard of him at all even though he killed at least twenty-two humans across the country.

  16. Jeffrey Dahmer wanted to make “love zombies.”

  17. Like he injected people’s brains with stuff that ended up killing them instead of turning them into love zombies.

  18. One of his victims escaped and Dahmer told the police it was just his drunk boyfriend.

  19. He also ate people, so there’s that.

  20. John Wayne Gacy was a literal killer clown. 

  21. No, seriously. He dressed up like a clown at kids birthday parties.

  22. He has the second highest confirmed body count in the United States 

  23. John Wayne Gacy? He was the manager of a KFC.

So you might not have the greatest fun stories about your own life, but you know way more about murder than everyone else.

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