22 Ways Depression Can Chip Away at Your Soul

We can’t just “get over it” and instantly be happy like you suggest. It’s an everyday fight within ourselves; we struggle with everything…to get out of bed, to get dressed, to make breakfast, to shower, even when it comes to simply brushing our hair.

  1. Some days we feel everything, while others we feel nothing at all.

  2. Nothing feels real; it’s like we’re in a dream world or just a passenger in our body.

  3. Every now and then you’re happy, but you instantly feel guilty about being happy.

  4. Sometimes you put on a brave face and pretend everything is fine when in all reality, it feels like you’re dying inside.

  5. It affects relationships deeply.

  6. Getting up in the morning actually requires a lot of effort.

  7. You’re always tired, and even sleeping at night seems like a chore.

  8. You can just lay in bed for hours while staring at the ceiling.

  9. Carrying on “normal” conversations is difficult to do.

  10. You have trouble making simple decisions.

  11. Your friends and family can easily irritate you.

  12. You feel like you’re moving or thinking in slow motion.

  13. Smiling seems so awkward to do.

  14. It feels like you’re worthless and you can’t do anything right.

  15. The thought “everyone would be happier if you were just gone” takes over your mind.

  16. You constantly apologize for things that aren’t even your fault.

  17. You’re forgetful and have a hard time concentrating.

  18. It feels like you’re drowning or suffocating.

  19. You just can’t seem to express yourself.

  20. You feel agitated, jumpy or anxious most of the time.

  21. Isolation becomes your best friend.

  22. Everything in your life just seems hopeless.

You’re not alone in this fight, though.