21 Tell-Tale Signs You're Dealing with a Fuckboy

They’re hard to spot in a crowd but once you do… run

1. He couldn’t careless about your wellbeing or respect your feelings. If you have developed real “feelings” for him, and tell him, he won’t care in the slightest.

2. He’s said “let’s just be friends,” but then indicates that he’s still physically attracted to you, and still wants “more” but only between the sheets. 

3. He’ll never say he loves you. That’s too vulnerable for him.

4. He feeds you bullshit like “I love you as a friend.” The fuck does that even mean? If you are someone’s friend you wouldn’t expect to keep them at just enough distance to have sex with, but maintain a friendship. Sex without feelings….? No thanks.

5. He doesn’t remember important details of conversations you have previously had. If he truly cared about you, or anything you have said trust me… he would remember. 

6. He runs when he hears “what are we?” He doesn’t want to go there, because you aren’t anything to him… nothing more than someone’s feelings to fuck with for his own satisfaction. 

7. He gets super defensive if you mention the fact that he seems like a player… or that any of the above indicate that he may be a fuckboy.. OR if you mention the possibility that he might have someone else. 

8. He’s the world’s worst texter and isn’t apologizing for it. He’s basically the king of one word answers and killing conversations with a random ‘cool’ to an entire paragraph you sent about your day.

9. And when he does text you he disappears for hours at a time. You’ve heard all the excuses “I was sick…” “I fell asleep”.. blah blah blah! We both know that more than likely isn’t the case. 

10. He doesn’t return the affection that is shown. You just sent him 5,000 smoochy face emojis and all he says is “lol”… 

11. Honestly, he’d be just fine going days without talking to you. Personally if I like someone enough then I wouldn’t let it ride out a couple days.. that would literally drive me nuts. If he can do it successfully that isn’t right. 

12. And when you do finally talk, he’s shady when you ask what he’s been up to. He makes you feel like you’re pulling teeth to get some answers.

13. He doesn’t try to get to know you better as a person. He doesn’t want to know what your favorite flower is.. where your favourite place to go is… and so on.

14. You’ve never actually been seen in public together. Do you feel your seat slightly pushed back when you hop into his car? 

15. He has zero compassion. He will hurt your feelings, or disrespect you and not give a flying fuck on how you feel about it. 

16. He draws you in, just to push you back. Keeping you at an arm’s length distance in the way of feelings. He makes you feel like he has a lot of feelings for you, but he will quickly remind you that you are nothing more than a friend. 

17. He trademarked the phrase, “I just want to be single right now.” If you want to be single… maaaaaybe you should not go around having sex with girls and making them think you slightly have feelings for them. 

18. He doesn’t take you out to do fun things.. he takes you out to bang and that’s it.  Why is that it? Because that’s all he wants.. and the chances that you are the only one he is pulling this kind of thing with are very slim. 

19. He makes you feel worthless on the daily. He knows all of the tricks and techniques to keep you just close enough to let him in your pants, but far enough away that you aren’t in a relationship. 

20. He can’t give you a logical explanation as to why he doesn’t want a full on relationship with you. He has never given you an exact reason, and he will probably even get too defensive to even answer if you ask. 

21. He fits a subcategory of fuckboy. These sub-categories may include – but aren’t limited: an ass hole, dick head, sketch bag, liar, and so on.. and so forth.