20 Thoughts You Have During Finals Week

It’s that time of year, which means get out the sweat pants, tissues, and be ready to not sleep for the next week. It’s finals time. Insert that horrible look of death here. Why does finals week have to suck so bad? Why can’t teachers just give you a solid B or A for effort all semester? Well sadly we have to kick start this terrible week sooner or later, why not get ahead of it and be ready for the 20 thoughts you have during finals week?

1. FUCK this shit. Seriously. Screw. This.

2. Why did I decide to not take that gap year? Who would ever think that we needed this much of a vacation from this testing.

3. Can I just be on a beach drinking a martini? May as well just book a one way ticket out of this place.

4. What the hell is this class even about? Like seriously did I walk into the wrong class?

5. What is going to be on the test anyways? Do we really need to know everything the class covered? Who would even remember that shit anyways?

6. How many points do I need to have a B in this class? I only need 40 points on the final to keep a B, so screw it why study that much?

7. Is it time for winter break yet? Can we just skip to the part where it’s Christmas morning and I am in my pajamas, not sitting in this class that is like prison?

8. Why do colleges look like prisons? No windows, no sign of life, it’s an expensive ass prison.

9. I have to pay for books and tuition by when?!?! It’s bad enough that we have to take finals already but then you expect me to pay for next semester now? What. The. Hell.

10. I should have taken better notes. Did she say that this would be on the test or wouldn’t? Why did I have to be looking at those shoes that day?!

11. I’m so screwed. Seriously this test is going to kill me.

12. If I go to the library I will be more productive. Sure. Keep telling yourself that.

13. I’m taking a Netflix break. 5 hours later, still haven’t even opened the book. Welp. There goes that test.

14. I wonder what my friends are doing right now. Are they going out this weekend? I wonder if they watched the new episode yet.

15. I deserve to relax today, I will study later. Sure, later. That’s what we all say.

16. I forgot everything. Two minutes before the test. Totally screwed. Thank god I only need like 40 points to still pass.

17. Time to teach myself. You can teach the whole semester to yourself in a week right?

18. Who ever thought of making finals? I hope they are long gone. Seriously who has to test everything you learned all year?

19. C’s get degrees right? Because that’s how this class is going to go.

20. I don’t even know what I want to eat for dinner, how am I supposed to finish college? Why? Just why?