17 Quotes from 'The Bold Type' That Are Straight Up Badass

We all know being a Millennial can be pretty tough, or it can be badass, it’s just a matter of how we deal with life. So when in doubt, or when you need that boost, here are seventeen quotes from The Bold Type that are straight up badass for any millennial.

1. “Nevertheless, we will persist.”-Jaqueline. If anyone knows about being a badass and persisting, it’s Jaqueline. She is literally the mirror image of Joanna Coles, the editor of Cosmopolitan. If anyone can persist, it’s a badass.

2. “Yes. I’m very interested in a butt facial.”-Jane. Seriously who else would say this? Millennials know when to stand up to the occasion and when they need to get down to business for their boss. Maybe not really getting a butt facial, but still.

3. “So, I have a favor to ask you. Show me your nipple.” –Kat. Of course this is during her ‘free the nipple’ campaign, but being bold isn’t just about getting your work done like a boss, it’s asking the bold questions, even when it might sound terrible. #freeTheNip

4. “Don’t say I’m sorry when you have nothing to apologize for.”- Jaqueline. Is it just me or is she like the Gandhi of Scarlet? This woman knows how to be bold, don’t apologize for your actions when you have nothing to be sorry for, when you did your best, when you maybe made someone upset that doesn’t have the same views. Be you, and be bold.

5. “First of all, I can screw whoever I want.”- Sutton. Sure being bold means sticking up for yourself, but it also means sticking up for your relationships, even if it is with yourself, or your sex life.

6. “If you can’t do it with feeling, don’t.” –Sutton. Whether it’s a job presentation, college, your hobby, or relationships. If you can’t do it with your heart, then don’t do it at all. Perfect words.

7. “Keep bringing your passion, it’s how you’re going to make your mark.– Oliver. Okay so maybe he isn’t a millennial, but he has a pretty strong point. How will you make your mark? With passion, that’s how.

8. “Go in there with the confidence of an incredibly average white man.”- Kat. Okay so maybe this isn’t the best advice, but she has a point, when in doubt, act like you have nothing to worry about, life goes on and you will still be a badass.

9. “You need to start speaking up for yourself.”– Jaqueline. Seriously can she get any wiser? In this part of the show, she is telling Sutton to stand up for herself, take credit for her work, because she deserves to be recognized for her hard work, especially when someone else is trying to take all the credit.

10. “You need to catch your breath, take an hour, fall apart, come back, and we are gonna figure this out.”– Jaqueline. She is just breathing, living, BOLDNESS. When things start to get rough, take a breath, fall apart. Just remember when you are done, it’s not time to give up, it’s time to become a badass and conquer.

11. “If I’m going down, I’m going down swinging.”– Sutton. When your dreams are right in front of you and you have to fight for them, start swinging and fight for them. Take it from this bold type.

12. “No, I don’t think you know what I’m gonna say.”– Jane. When a guy turns out to be a total dick, even when he is hot, you still have to stick up for yourself, say what YOU want, be bold, be tough.

13. “I’m Nora Ephron, bitch.”-Sutton. When things work out, celebrate, keep that goal in mind to get you where you want to be. If all else fails be Nora Ephron, just have a safety net, like these gals.

14. “She shouldn’t have underestimated me.”- Jane. Sure maybe our bosses are underestimating our strengths, or not letting us live to our full potential, and being bold is taking the chance and still trying to show your worth even when they don’t know you are capable of it.

15. “We should be taking in every experience. We should be living our lives, taking risks, and, you know, putting ourselves out there.” – Jane. Being young and sometimes just being a millennial is just the time to take in every experience, live your life, be bold, take that risk. Take the job, make the move.

16. “I don’t think I realized how much of the weight I was still carrying.” –Jaqueline. Sometimes, being bold is knowing where you lack, where you carry that weight. Sometimes it means letting go of what has hurt you and being better than it.

17. “To having adventures. And making mistakes. To sleeping with the wrong people and the right people. And to unleashing holy hell.” –Jane, Kat, & Sutton. Because being bold is truly sticking with the ones who mean the most and pushing through everything together. Making that mistake, drunk dialing that ex, or showing up outside their house, and unleashing holy hell because you are BOLD, and you are YOU.