15 Signs You're a Terrible Roommate but They Love You Anyway

We have all been there, college, new apartments, living with a friend, some sort of sharing a room with someone else. Living with people is hard and sometimes we get so caught up in doing things our way, we forget that it might not be okay with our roomies. There will be laundry wars and complaints about dirty dishes, but at the end of the day you all love each other enough to tolerate the mess. If you can relate to these 15 signs, you’re definitely a terrible roommate but they love you anyway.

1. Sometimes, more than not, you put an almost empty gallon of milk back in the fridge. And then you follow up with, “no, there is definitely one cup of coffee worth of milk left!!” No… just no. 

2. You don’t replace the toilet paper, or when you do you set it on the floor instead of on the roll. Is it really that hard to put it on the roll? And is it really that hard to replace it? Like how did you wipe in the first place? Shit man.

3. You “forget” to lock the door as you leave. Do you not care if someone steals all of your stuff and your cat? Or are you just that forgetful… 

4. 9 times out of 10 you use your roommate’s soap, shampoo, and conditioner because you haven’t made it to the store… in 6 months. You make Starbucks runs at least twice a day, but going to the grocery store is soooo out of the way. 

5. You like your place freezing cold at night and consult your roommate 0% of the time. Because if it’s above 65 degrees in the house you’re sweating and there’s no chance of falling asleep. 

6. Usually you forget that you have clothes in the dryer and washer… for days. Which starts the cycle all over, because you know, they smell. 

7. You forget to clean up after yourself: makeup, spilled milk, cooking mess, you name it, it’s still there. Why are my feet sticking to the floor? Oh yeah… 

8. When the garbage can is full you put trash next it or on the counter, instead of in taking the trash out. You can’t take the trash out because you might suffocate from the smell. Well, you’ve never tried it but you don’t want to risk it.  

9. When a guy comes over, you forget how thin the walls are, at the worst times. Yes everyone can hear you having sex and no they are not okay with it.  

10. You will eat the food your roommate tells you not to eat. Sometimes you just can’t stop yourself from eating those chopped veggies she was saving for a nice pasta salad, or the apples for an apple pie.  You can’t be tamed.  

11. Clean dishes are almost extinct, but there is an abundance of dirty dishes in your room. You’ll bring them to the kitchen… eventually.  

12. Usually you forget that people take their shoes off at the door because when you take them off they are in your room. Nothing’s better than bringing the subway into the house, amirite? 

13. You forget to flush the toilet, or think it might wake your roomie at 3 am. She definitely doesn’t care what time it is, flush that shit down. Yuck. 

14. You always borrow her clothes without asking and never return them. And sometimes they end up folded in your drawers and you just have no idea how that happened! 

15. You likes to drink wine… that isn’t yours. You promise you’ll replace it, but do you ever? No.  

At the end of the day, sure you do a lot of things that make your roomie upset, but she couldn’t imagine having a better best friend who happens to be my roomie. Although next time, you are buying the shampoo and wine.