15 Signs Your Boyfriend Doubles as Your Best Friend

Relationships works when you’re best friends first and a couple second. You both love each other and actually like each other, too. 

Basic parts of life become the best because of who you are sharing them with, your guy, your other half, but most importantly with your best friend.  

1. He will listen with an open heart as you complain about the most miniscule things that pissed you off.

You’ll never believe it, someone cut me off literally right outside the house. People these days. 

2. But getting into it with your guy is hell because the person you want complain about them too… is them. 

Is that weird? 

3. Your parents thought you were dating waaay before you actually were. 

Awk… we were just friends back then but look at us now. 

4. You both know exactly when it’s time to pour another glass, order take-out, and give really big kisses. 

That’s just how well you actually know each other.

5. You’re really good at doing nothing together. 

Because you equally hate people, you have each other so fuck everybody and everything else.

6. You’re in a polygamous relationship well kind of you, him & Netflix.

Because you’d both be lost without Netflix.

7. Fighting tends to be less about your relationship and more about who gets the last slice of pizza.

Ahem, ME!

8. Your social life and sex life have become one. 

Right after work, before our dinner date, and when you come home.

9. You’ve been over the top embarrassing in public together on more occasions than you’d like to recognize. 

No comment.

10. You swapped clothes… well you stole his clothes.

Tell me something that’s better than a big comfy sweatshirt. I’ll wait. 

11. He ends up knowing way too much about your menstrual cycle, more than anyone else ever knew, even your girlfriends. 


12. You’re constantly sending each other memes, events, videos, and articles. 

‘This is soooo you.’ 

12. You become way too obsessed with certain dishes, restaurants, and foods for different periods of time. 

We literally went to the same restaurant 3 days in a row for every meal. Don’t hate.

13. He’s basically seen it all so there’s no going back now.

From drunk you crying over the toilet to ‘right before bed’ you with a face mask on and your hair tied back. He’s seen too much. 

14. Your so comfy with each other you’ll continue the conversation while you’re on the shitter door open or closed.

“Light a match in there next time!” 

15. You basically talk all day every day and when he stops answering you start to panic that he’s dead.

That’s what people do when they really love someone, right?