15 Signs Your Best Friend and You Are The Real-Life Blair and Serena

They might not have gotten along the entire time, but that’s what made Blair and Serena were true ride or dies. Their friendship was real and honest, and sometimes a little bit catty but only in the best ways. This duo set a standard of friendship for all girls, maybe even friendship goals. These 15 signs prove you and your friend are real-life Blair and Serena

1. Instagram pictures aren’t complete without a blonde and a brunette best friend quote. 

You can’t have a real Serena and Blair friendship without a blonde and a brunette, which is why this is crucial to your friendship.

2. You don’t go shopping without her and if you do, you text her pictures for her opinion. 

Who says that there can be too much shopping? It’s called retail therapy, and no other way to do it than with your best friend.

3. One of you has the Blair mentality aka she is always right. 

It’s her way or the highway, after all, she is the Queen and you love her always.

4. No matter what happens, at the end of the day, you will always be best friends.

Being friends with her is coming back after slamming doors, cursing, and swearing that you’re done. At the end of the day, you can’t imagine life without each other

5. Because you both know when to swallow your pride and say sorry. 

Despite all the fights, Blair and Serena always knew when to call it quits and say sorry to each other. Just like them, you and your best friend end up calling each other up or going to their bed to apologize.

6. You have been through it all together. 

“All the boyfriends and mean girls and tests and teachers. And our crazy mothers. We went through it together. We raised each other.” If you can say this about each other, then you know it’s real. 

Sure maybe you didn’t have the drama-filled lives of S & B, but you two know each other like the back of your hand. You were there for her big moments, and she was there for yours, much like the ones to come.

7. You both are always there as a shoulder to cry on when the other needs it most. 

Sure maybe Blair needed more shoulder time than Serena, but they were both always there when the other needed, nothing says true friendship than dropping everything for your favorite person.

8. And you never judge each other. 

Sure Serena might not have had the best judgment, especially when it came to dating, but Blair always showed us that no matter what her friends chose to do, she never judged. She even went above and beyond and was right there to support her bestie the whole way through that mess, and willing to take down anyone who stood in the way.

9. You refer to each other by initials of your first names. 

“Okay, B.” “S, you know I love you.” Let’s face it this is the foundation of your Blair and Serena-ness.

10. You both jump at every chance to get dressed up and go out… 

Whether it’s just going out for a girl’s night or a nice dinner party, you both spend countless hours trying to get ready and find the perfect outfit. 

11. Mostly because you love a good photo op. 

You love to take cute pictures together and if you said you’ve never done the kissy post like B & S you’d be lying. 

12. Blair has her Chuck, and Serena knows all about it. 

Okay maybe his name really isn’t Chuck, and maybe it’s the other way around, but you two know the inside scoop on your each other’s current man. You both have spent countless nights awake venting about how stupid guys can be, and maybe decided you two might just run away to Paris, because you know Blair always says, “If you’re gonna be sad, you might as well be sad in Paris.”

13.  You both know you don’t conduct important business or plans, over text

This should almost go without saying, right? You both know that good news and bad news is best shared over the phone if you can’t be there to say it in person. Besides, you can’t make a big plan to take down those newbie’s on the top of the Met steps over a text.

14. You both know that a girl’s trip is always a good idea. 

Maybe it isn’t Paris, but even just a weekend shopping or spa day is something that cannot be turned down. And it’s actually very important for your and your bestie’s mental health.  

15. Lastly, you both know that sleepover parties are key to friendship lasting. 

A little truth or dare only make you closer. 

She is your other half, your favorite person to do life with, and that is what truly makes your friendship unlike any other.