15 Reasons the Equestrian Girl Is Better in Bed Than His Ex

Equestrian girls are known for having a heart of absolute gold and not only that, they are in amazing shape from riding a horse all day long. So needless to say, this girl is probably the most interesting and sexy person you will ever meet. She'll blow your ex out of the water without even trying. I mean think about it, she rides a horse as a hobby… imagine how she'll ride you.

  1. Have you seen the attire worn by an equestrian? With all those tight and fitting pants that she wears while jutting out her behind whenever she rides a horse, foreplay with an equestrian starts early. It starts while she is still competing in her event.

  2. Riding a horse can be tough. She can have bruises because of all the bouncing around. In other words, an equestrian knows how to take it rough.

  3. How does one ride a horse? Yes, an equestrian knows how to spread her legs.

  4. The key to success in her sport is her ability to tame her horse. The animal is forced to take instructions from her. In other words, an equestrian knows how to be in control.

  5. If you prefer for her to do all the work in bed, then no worries. An equestrian will have no problem being on top.

  6. If an equestrian can learn how to love a being with the face of a horse, then surely, you would have a chance of getting loved by her as well.

  7. An equestrian trains long and hard for her event. This means staying with and riding the horse each chance she gets. So you bet she can ride you all night long.

  8. Tired of girls who are squirmy? An equestrian is used to the surroundings of a horse's stable, so she would have no qualms getting down and dirty.

  9. She's loyal to a fault. She doesn't have a huge amount of free time to spend out and about drinking and seeing other people. Worry no more your girl is in the barn or with you. 

  10. Are you into those slave and master things? You're in luck! Equestrians know how to use ropes and whips.

  11. Need time apart? No problem. She'll spend a majority of her time at the barn. Say hello to video games and bro time.

  12. This girl knows how to balance a budget and only splurge where it counts. Most likely she's not only got the cash, but she knows how to spend it on not-so-stupid things. 

  13. Want a girl who is devoted to you? Nailed it. She is devoted to the care of a 1200lb animal so of course, once you win her over she is just as devoted to you.

  14.  She probably has a truck. What guy doesn't like trucks? Crazy ones. 

  15. Want a competitive yet self-sufficient girl? You nailed it. She is competitive at horse shows so she knows how to compete and yet can take care of herself and her horse alone. BAM!

There are definitely more positive reasons you will find it you ever end up dating one, but there are always downfalls to the crazy girls… In bed, though, is not one of them. 

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