14 Ways My Bestie Keeps Me Sane During Finals Week

We all know that time of the semester, sadly for some it comes three times a year, but how do we all manage to do this? Why do we torture ourselves with the stress of 2-6 classes, work, social life, oh and maybe family life? Can you say welcome to insanity? We all have that one person who can make our crazy days not so crazy, so here are 15 ways my bestie keeps me sane during finals week.

1. Wine. And I don’t me I whine about finals to her, she brings over some wine, or I do, and we gossip, hang out, paint our nails. Heck who cares just keep that wonderful juice flowing.

2. She texts me on the daily reminding me how smart and strong I am. Sure I’m not Wonder Woman but she still tells me I can kick ass at anything I want and that I can conquer these hell like weeks left in the semester.

3. She reminds me that it’s almost over. Seriously we can see that light at the end of the tunnel, maybe its graduation, vacation, or just a day to actually sleep in, but we can see it.

4. She quizzes me on my flash cards. Sure this might be stressful, but having someone else there to help you learn really does help you out, just don’t be drinking that wine while you study!

5. She gets me out of the house and away from studying for a girl’s night. Sure this might not be a rage party getting drunk at the bar, but she gets me out and we have some drinks, maybe dance, and just have fun.

6. She listens. Sure she may not be in the classes I am in, let alone the same field, but she listens when I need to vent about the stupid idiot who thinks he knows everything, but really I am just more so mad because he is hot and he is kind of smart.

7. She helps me out when I am overwhelmed with things to do. Okay maybe she doesn’t do my laundry, but she gets me food and meets me before class, or she will come over and help me get things ready for the week, heck maybe she just picks up my favorite juice because I haven’t made it to the store. She helps though, that’s what matters.

8. She reminds me it’s okay to not know everything. Knowing what you already know is a good thing. You didn’t know half of that stuff 8 weeks ago, so it’s really okay to not have the whole book memorized.

9. You don’t have to be the best at everything, just do your best at everything you do. Sure being a perfectionist would be amazing, but you can’t win a Nobel Prize for being the best at college, just do your best, and the rest will all fall into place.

10. She lets me know it’s okay to not study one night out of the week. Take that bubble bath, watch a movie, relax, it’s not going to kill you.

11. She joins me on a morning or late night work out. Sure she may hate my routine, but she doesn’t want me to think I have to move all mountains alone, plus she pushes me to do better than I did yesterday. Can you say win win?

12. She sends me new yoga videos. It’s like she knows me, sure yoga isn’t everyone’s thing, but she knows this helps when things get tough. Sometimes you have to take a deep breath and practice yoga and then smash those finals.

13. When I feel like giving up she reminds me of my goals. Sure she may think this is my chance to finally be free of finals weeks, but she still reminds me that isn’t what you want, you have to push through this, think about the end game.

14. She stays by my side, thick and thin, really thick and thin books. She is my best friend and she knows exactly what to do to help me, and she will do it until the end.