12 Things Only Owners of Picky Cats Will Understand

Cats…the cutest, sassiest, funniest, and most annoying little animals to make their way into our homes and hearts! As a fellow cat owner, I couldn’t help but notice all of the quirky traits my little man has. I’ve come to realize that he is the pickiest cat I have ever encountered, which is incredibly ironic considering he was a STRAY! In light of these traits of his, I though I’d share a list of 12 things only owners of picky cats will understand.

1. An empty food dish is semi-acceptable, but a dish that contains food he has already picked from is NEVER an option!

2. If the food is not in the middle of the bowl, it will not be eaten.

3. If it is above 40 degrees outside, and there isn’t at least one window open, there WILL be consequences.

4. Even though there is a perfectly acceptable cat bed in the room, the dog’s bed, specifically right in the middle of it, is where sleeping will take place.

5. If the dog’s bed is not available, expect there to be a lump under your covers that will not be moved.

6. Dirty paws are an absolute no-no! The sink has to be turned on so he can wash his paws before he eats. If nobody is around to turn on the sink…the dog’s water dish will do just fine!

7. Unless that toy is bigger than the size of his head, it’s not worth his time.

8. When the clock strikes 3am, if someone isn’t up and putting fresh food in the dish, expect to be swatted in the head by a paw until you wake up.

9. Wet food is only acceptable if it is 80% gravy and given to him in the morning. At no other time is wet food allowed.

10. If you are home and your bedroom door is closed, there will be a never – ending amount of scratching until you open it so he can come in.

11. If you close the door again when he is in the room with you, there will be a never – ending amount of meowing until it is reopened.

12. Basically, that door has to stay open 24/7 or he is not happy.

Even though my little man is the pickiest cat I have ever met, he is still my favorite one! Can anyone else relate to these picky cat problems??