11 Things You Forgot to Thank Your Aunt For

We all have a favorite aunt, someone who taught us so much. Someone whose been there for so long, sometimes we forget to thank her for all the things they’ve done for us. 

An aunt is someone who can’t ever be replaced, someone who we love with all our heart because, simply, she gets it. 

Always has and always will. 

But there are some things we forget to say, because we don’t call enough. And we don’t see her enough. But here is a short list of all the reasons why we love them. 

1. She’s Good at Keeping Secrets 

She has your back, no matter how big or small. She respects you enough to not mention it to anyone. 

2. She’s Always Smiling 

She keeps the energy upbeat and fun. No matter what’s going on with her, she puts on a brave face. 

3. She’s a Natural Caregiver 

She wants you to be comfortable, no matter what. She feels like it’s her duty to make sure that you feel welcomed and loved. 

4. She’s Always on a New Adventure 

She keeps going. Always doing something new, however significant it might seem. She never stops growing. 

5. She’s Overprotective 

But it’s only because she wants the best for you, in all walks of life. She knows how great you are and remembered to tell you all the time. 

6. She’s A Teacher 

She’s been there for enough heart break, enough tears, enough long nights to know a thing or two. 

7. She’s Still Young at Heart

She’s a free spirit. She wasn’t always a mom and she wasn’t always your aunt. She has stories that you can laugh at, learn from and relate to. 

8. She Doesn’t Judge 

No matter how bad something might seem, she never makes you feel guilty. She just nods and understands. 

9. She Has The Biggest Heart

She is the sweetest and most caring person that you know. She loves you to pieces and makes sure you never forget it. 

10. She Doesn’t Smother You 

She waits until you’re ready to talk, because she knows that when you are, you will need her no matter what. But she doesn’t push you and she doesn’t force you. She’s patient when it comes to most things. 

11. She’s One of a Kind 

There is no one like her in the whole world. That much is true and it makes her all the more wonderful. She’ll never understand ow lucky you are to have her in you life. No one will ever compare.

She’s been your hero more often than you really remember. She’s patient and kind and  bighearted and full of life. Everything and anything you do with her will be fun. 

But more importantly, she’s there for the other things too. The one’s that aren’t so fun. But she’s strong and she can speak from experience. 

You aunt will always be someone that is so special to you. Someone that takes up more than a small space in your heart. Because she’s one of the best women you know.

And for that, we all should all say thank you a little more.