11 Misconceptions of the Girl Who Chooses the Homebody Lifestyle

Don’t you feel like there isn’t enough time in the day? Like part of you wants to go out and be with everyone, but then your introverted side is trying to convince you to stay home and chilllll. Because when you stay home, you can get all your shit done, but when you go out you still have to come home and get all your shit done… If you relate to that on so many levels then you didn’t choose the homebody lifestyle, it chose you. 

  1. You’re not lazy… You just have an unbreakable bond with your couch. You are really just a relaxed human being. Since when was choosing to do nothing a crime? Not only are you calm, cool, and collected, you’re cozy, comfortable, and well read. 

  2. Nothing is wrong, you just don’t have it in you to be the life of the party right now. You’re not depressed, and you certainly still can be the life of the party. You’re just doing so in the comfort of your own home. Pj party, anybody?

  3. No, you don’t hate anyone. We just like our TV more than most people. I mean, let’s be real. People can be so exhausting sometimes. Your TV never disappoints us and you know what goes great with TV? Pizza. Pizza never lets you down either. 

  4. You’re not boring, you are drinking wine on your couch, does that sound boring to you?  Just because others aren’t there to enjoy it with you, doesn’t mean it’s not being enjoyed. You invite anyone anytime, it’s their loss they’d rather go to a loud bar and mingle all night. Thanks, but no thanks. 

  5. Your friends exist… you just can only take them in doses. You love your friends. Do you need to talk and see each other every single day to remain close? Nope. Plus, who’s to say they aren’t always welcome for a little Netflix and wine at your place? 

  6. You do go out, it’s just a rare sighting to see you out. Aka they should feel lucky if you bless someone with your presence. You almost always attend celebrations, weddings, holidays, and the like. But one Thirsty Thursday a month is enough for you, thanks.

  7. Just because you’re not going to come, doesn’t mean you don’t want to be invited.  You want to feel wanted just like everybody else. A simple “hey want to meet us at (insert overrated, overpriced bar here)?” “no” “ok” text convo is more than appreciated. 

  8. People think you don’t date, but they’d be lucky to date you.  Just because you don’t go out all the time in order to binge drink and meet guys, certainly does not mean you don’t have a way to have your needs met. It’s the 21st century for crying out loud. Bumble works wonders. 

  9. You’re not antisocial you are selectively social. If there is a reason you decide to go out, just know that person mean a lot to us. You don’t do the whole ‘going out scene’ or just anyone.  

  10. Yes, you do things other than just watching TV. For starters, eight hour work days warrant a little nonsense television on weeknights. Also, there are these little things called books that are the perfect escape from real life and real people.

  11.  You fricken love your homebody lifestyle, no matter how much everyone tries to change you. If only people realized how much a life you truly have. You don’t spend your days going out and trying to impress others, rather you willingly do things for the one person who will never let you down: YOU. If anything, you not only have a life… you have THE life.

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