105 Sweet Love Notes for My Person

Push aside the chocolates and the cookie cutter gifts you’re used to buying and tell them in an old-fashioned note how much they mean to you.

It’s something that won’t expire and they’ll be able to hold onto whenever they’re feeling sentimental and want a nice reminder how much you care.

1. You’re the only one I want to be around when I’ve had a bad day because you always make me smile.

2. I love you more than I love chocolate and that’s A LOT.

3. I’d share my pizza with you anytime.

4. I love you even when you leave your shoes everywhere and I almost fall to my death.

5. When you get out of the shower you smell amazing, it’s a mix of clean and of you.

6. The smell of your cologne makes me dizzy, but in a good way.

7. Your hand is the only one that fits perfectly around mine.

8. Home for me isn’t four walls and a roof, it’s two arms and a heartbeat.

9.  I love that I can call you whenever and you don’t miss a chance to pick up.

10. It would be terribly wrong to let the day end without telling you how important you are to me.

11.  Love the fact that even though you hate taking photos if I ask you’ll take one with me.

12. And you never care if I go into your closet and steal a sweatshirt, knowing that I don’t plan on returning it.

13. Every moment we’re apart I’m impatiently waiting for the next when we’re together.

14. You are my favorite hello and hardest goodbye.

15. You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.

16. I love you more because you love me when I can’t love myself.

17. I never understood why girls talk about butterflies until you came along.

18. You make me smile for no reason, just one look and I look like a smiling idiot.

19. Don’t think you can use this to your advantage but you’re the only guy I’d make a sandwich for.

20. It just wasn’t your looks that won me over, those were a wonderful perk but I fell for your personality.

21. You love me when I least deserve it and I never realized that is when I most need it.

22. If you let me even though I couldn’t be your first I’ll be your last everything.

23. You’re my favorite, favorite what you may ask, my favorite everything.

24. When nothing seems to be going your way know that I am always by your side.

25. I think our relationship is best when neither of us are wearing pants.

26. I love that you enjoy spending time with my friends.

27. I also love that you’re comfortable enough with leaving me alone with your friends.

28. I love how you never get annoyed at how indecisive I am, especially when it comes to deciding what to eat.

29. When you tell me you love me I know you actually mean it.

30. I love how when you look at me there’s always a spark in your eyes.

31. Knowing that I have a future with you makes me look forward to tomorrow so much more.

32. Especially when you’re already making plans for later dates that include the two of us.

33. When you tell everyone I’m your girl and introduce me as your girlfriend I’m not only proud to have that title I am so thankful for it.

34. When you voluntarily talk to my family and encourage us to visit them.

35. It means the world that you try and include me in family events with you.

36. Your laugh is absolutely contagious and it is impossible to stay upset or frown when you’re happy.

37. You’re proud to be mine. You see it as something to brag about and something that you shouldn’t take for granted.

38. You are so passionate about different things and you give them your all.

39. You know what you want in life and you aren’t going to let anything stop you and I find that so admirable.

40. I love the fact that even though “us” is extremely important to you that you still make time for your guys and that you allow me some me time as well.

41. You tell me I’m beautiful even after I wake up and had forgotten to take off my makeup from last night.

42. You say it with so much truth and so innocently that there isn’t any reason that I would ever think you didn’t actually believe that.

43. For all the times you knew I needed my favorite foods and you offered to make them appear.

44. For knowing all the times that I simply just needed your arms around me to calm me down.

45. No matter what situation I find myself in I know that I can always turn to you and you won’t be quick to judge me.

46. I love the way that even in a deep sleep you still roll over and wrap your arms around me.

47. I love that even when you’re extremely angry because your favorite sports team lost that you never take it out on me.

48. I love that you never make me drive on long road trips.

49. You compliment my lifestyle in the best way possible.

50. Because even though we have so many differences we still sync together.

51. You never make me question how you feel about me.

52. Time stands still when you kiss me and it’s the best feeling.

53. Your cute little romantic moments that you don’t know you’re being romantic are the best.

54. I love the weekends we spend getting dolled up and going out.

55. Though I also love the weekends we don’t get dressed and stay in bed all day.

56. You always cuddle on the couch with me even though it’s not always the most comfortable position for you.

57. I love that you already know once we start a movie that there is a good chance you’ll be watching it alone because I will have fallen asleep.

58. You always make sure there’s a blanket near because you know how cold I easily get.

59. When your figure lightly touches my face as you’re pushing my hair out of my eyes sends shivers down my spine sometimes.

60. You’re the one person I can completely by myself in front of and that I’m not embarrassed about it.

61. Every day is a new adventure for us and I can’t wait to experience and everyone one of them.

62. Just know that every good morning text and good night text on the days we’re not together really start and end my day perfectly.

63. You may drive me crazy but you make me happier than I have ever been.

64. Your playful nature is so inviting and I just can’t enough of it.

65. You’re the best friend I never saw coming.

66. Your need to argue about everything just because you enjoy arguing actually doesn’t bother me as much as you think, it pushes me to think smarter and quicker at times.

67. You put in so much effort to be the man that you think I deserve.

68. Except the only man I want is you and everything that comes with that.

69. There isn’t anyone else I want to fall asleep next to.

70. And wake up next to the next day. 

71. You don’t sugar coat things and you are always honest with me.

72. You never break your promises and I don’t think you realize how nice that is.

73. You are willing to try anything that I cook and you aren’t afraid to tell me what you liked and didn’t like.

74. You’re so intelligent, which is such a turn on.

75. You put my feelings first which I’m not used to.

76. I love that you’re willing to go shopping with me, and the fact that you make me model everything for you.

77.  Aways encouraging me to do the things I’m not so sure of and promise to stand beside me.

78. The fact that you are so open-minded to different ideas and thoughts makes conversing with you so easy and comfortable.

79. Just seeing your name pop up on my phone puts an instant smile on my face.

80. You’re the class clown but you’re my class clown.

81. You’ve found yourself a special place in my heart that will always be yours.

82. You’re not just my lover, or my boyfriend you’re also my best friend.

83. You’re so respectful to not just me or those that are close to me but to everyone else and I am in awe by it.

84. With you everything is easy and natural.

85. Our relationship isn’t complicated.

86. You never make me put more effort into it; you always meet me half way.

87. When you’re wrong you never hesitate to apologize.

88. You make me feel special.

89. Not just special you make me feel wanted.

90. You make me feel important and I hope you feel the same way when you think about me.

91. You’re not perfect but you are absolutely perfect for me.

92. Being in your arms makes me feel safe.

93. When we’re together, that’s my favorite place to be.

94. You’re never quick to judge, you’re never quick to point fingers, and you’re never quick to get angry.

95. You let me sing along with the radio even when it doesn’t sound the greatest and you don’t try tuning me out.

96. I fell in love with you for more than one reason.

97. Because not loving you doesn’t make any sense.

98. I fell in love with the way you’re on my mind all hours of the day.

99. You’re nothing short of everything I’ve ever wanted.

100. I love you for loving me even though I’m not perfect.

101. That even when I’m sure I’m pushing your buttons and driving you insane you pull me closer.

102. I promise you that there is no other woman in the world that loves you the way I do.

103. I love you more than words could ever describe.

104. I can’t imagine my life without you.

105. Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day you deserve to hear that you’ve got this boyfriend thing down 100%.

So if you ever need reassurance please reread these words or just come to me and I won’t hesitate to remind you. The guy you see in the mirror every morning when you’re getting ready happens to mean the absolute world to me.

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