100 Things to Be Happy About Today

I’m not going to lie to you, life can really suck ass sometimes. Bad days will come, and they will go. Here you'll find 100 little things that are sure to give you the warm and fuzzy feeling and make you want to say, "ahh." Because even on your worst days, there is still something to smile about.

  1. Waking up without an alarm.
  2. Eating breakfast for dinner.
  3. Dogs that love unconditionally. 
  4. Having a party.
  5. Decorating your space.
  6. Your favorite pair of jeans.
  7. Handwritten letters.
  8. Lipstick.
  9. Runner’s high.
  10. Getting a second date.
  11. Videogames exist.
  12. Two dollar bills.
  13. The sun rising every morning.
  14. You can feel wind on your face.
  15. Vending machines.
  16. Peanut butter.
  17. And obviously Nutella.
  18. Sex.
  19. Perfume and shower gel that smells amazing.
  20. Your favorite movie(s).
  21. Ordering room service.
  22. The window seat.
  23. Ice cream.
  24. Tiny spoons to eat said ice cream slower.
  25. Snuggling up to a fireplace during winter.
  26. Getting an interview for you dream job.
  27. Hot tubs.
  28. One dollar coins.
  29. Coffee in the morning.
  30. A hot shower.
  31. Receiving a bouquet of flowers.
  32. 24-hour diners.
  33. Deep fried anything.
  34. Leaves changing colors during Autumn.
  35. Finding money in the “return coin” dispenser before you put your money in.
  36. Taking a long drive to nowhere in particular.
  37. Putting handprints in cement.
  38. Oreos.
  39. Checking things off your to-do list.
  40. Finding something you thought you lost.
  41. Kittens the size of your palm.
  42. Summer picnics. 
  43. When kids draw pictures for you.
  44. When the pool is the same temperature as your toes.
  45. Dessert first.
  46. Carving your names into a tree.
  47. Reality TV.
  48. The feeling you get walking into work on Friday.
  49. Smart phones.
  50. Finding a penny heads-up.
  51. The sound of the ocean waves.
  52. When the clocks fall back.
  53. Getting a massage.
  54. New school supplies.
  55. Taking a mental health day.
  56. Growing a plant.
  57. Wine.
  58. Proving they were wrong about you.
  59. Meeting a goal you worked at for a long time.
  60. Making someone else smile.
  61. Payday.
  62. The fresh start of a Monday.
  63. Fast food.
  64. Candles.
  65. Binge watching a new show.
  66. Being inspired.
  67. Hand written letters.
  68. Falling asleep when it’s raining.
  69. A nap of the perfect length.
  70. Babies.
  71. A new book.
  72. Emptying your piggybank.
  73. Genuinely forgiving someone.
  74. Sunshine on your face.
  75. Fudge-sicles.
  76. The first snow of winter.
  77. Brunch.
  78. Warm hugs.
  79. Travelling to a new place.
  80. Fireflies.
  81. Hot chocolate with full size marshmallows.
  82. Discovering a new band.
  83. Pumpkin spice lattes.
  84. Clothes right out of the dryer.
  85. Forehead kisses.
  86. Sleeping in.
  87. Watching the sunset/sunrise.
  88. Birds chirping.
  89. Mimosas.
  90. Finding a bargain.
  91. Warm cookies. 
  92. Feeling accomplished.
  93. Date nights.
  94. Taking off your bra at the end of the day.
  95. Watching a meteor shower.
  96. Someone saying they’re proud of you.
  97. Late night talks about life.
  98. Wearing your boyfriend’s clothes.
  99. Being good at something.
  100. Feeling confident.

Sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things we know make us happy. During your bad days, try to think back to the time you snuggled in front of the fire last winter or the time you stayed up all night and watched the sun rise. It's important we hold onto those times when we felt true happiness so we don't forget how amazing life can be. 

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