10 Signs You're a Dog Mom and Damn Proud of It

If you have a furry friend who takes up about 90% of your phone memory and 99% of your stories, then you are definitely a dog mom. You’re one of the lucky ones who found their soulmate has four paws and a precious snore when they sleep. And the truth is, if you love your dog 100%, they love you 120%. There is nothing you could do wrong in your puppy’s eyes… well, except go to work and leave them, of course. 

1. Leaving the house gives you serious separation anxiety. You hate being away from them so much, that you’ve even used some BS excuse to leave a party and go home and snug with your pup. Dog cuddles > hairy dudes 

2. And when you have to say goodbye, even for a few hours, it’s a huge ordeal. You say bye somewhere between four and five times, and these goodbyes often entail face mushes, smooches, and long embraces along with the repetitive, “I’ll be back soon!” expressions. And then maybe a tear or two when no one’s looking…

3. You’ve actually let your dog sleep on a majority of the bed while you’re almost falling off. It’s true, your dog is a bed hog, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your love-bug probably starts out at the bottom of the bed near your feet, and then slowly makes its way up. You are now the big spoon… and you’re totally okay with it.

4. The word “kisses” come out of your mouth more than you would like to admit. You’re constantly saying, “give mommy kisses,” “give auntie Sarah a kiss,” and “oooo kisses.” You can’t help it, they’re just so darn cute. 

5. Talking in a baby voice is vital—even to the most rugged of dogs.  And it’s not executed properly if it’s not high pitched, annoying, and loud… and you’re not afraid to use it.

6. Fetch = your cardio for the day. A trip to the park usually turns into a quick game of “chase me until you’re too tired, Mom.” And then a shared ice cream on your walk home. 

7. Their farts don’t gross you out, they make you giggle. Yeah, they’re terrible. It’s best though when your pup decides to let one rip in front of your closest pals. You pretend like it’s the worst smell your nostrils have ever dealt with but you can’t help but giggle.

8. You secretly live for people asking you about your dog when you’re on walks.  

“Hey lady are you walkin’ that dog or is that dog walkin’ you?!”

“What kind of dog is that?”

“He’s beeeautiful.” Ya, I know, he’s perfect. 

9. You hate slobber but love your pup too much to complain about it. It’s on the walls, on your mirrors, and sometimes in your food but you know it’s not their fault. If you slobbered they’d accept you, so you accept them big goopy flaws and all. 

10. You realize that your dog comes first and that the bond you two have cannot be broken. You need him just as much as he needs you. He is your rock when you need a good cry, your buddy when you want to stay in and watch a movie, and your best friend every single day. You’d be absolutely lost without this big ball of fur. 

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