10 Signs Your Best Friend Is Actually a Kid at Heart

She’s loyal to a fault and always knows how to have a good time. Without even trying to be she’s bold, courageous, and ready to take the world by storm. This girl is hands down, the best friend you could ever ask for, and if she fits these 10 signs, she’s actually a kid at heart.

1. She has no shame in making a bomb playlist and having a dance party.

Her music reflects her personality: fun. She has a good time doing literally anything and more often than not, you’ll show up at her house and she’ll be dancing alone in her room. 

2. She is authentic and isn’t the type to wonder what other people think of her. 

She doesn’t pretend to hide how she feels, or pretend to be someone else. Instead of letting fear control her, she embraces it and runs right into it. This is what makes her one of the best friends you could ask for. 

3. She’s failed a million times but learned two million things. 

Maybe she doesn’t think things through all the way. Maybe she gets too excited and jumps into something or someone. Maybe she has a heart of gold that she gives away to the wrong people. Either way, she’s learned twice as many things from all of her slip-ups and she’s an even better person. 

4. She’s beyond outgoing and is always pushing you out of your comfort zone. 

This girl gives zero hoots about making herself look bad in public. If she sees a cute guy at the bar that she thinks you’d like, she’ll march right up to him and point to you. She’s got balls. 

5. The room lights up when she walks in. 

Whenever she agrees to meet you out when she gets there the mood changes. It’s like the party doesn’t start until she’s there. Without even realizing it she has this undeniable ability to make the most drab moments exciting and fun.

6. She hates doing things alone but loves to learn new things.

Okay so maybe a Cajun cooking class isn’t something you need in your life, but she wants to do it and she’s begged you for days to go with her, so you cave because you love her so much. 

7. With her, you can always expect the unexpected. 

You can’t always have a day of Netflix and chill with her, so be prepared for new adventures. Maybe they won’t be far, or maybe it’s just an art fair in town, regardless she knows what is going on and where to go.

8. She will never let you give up, it’s just not in her nature. 

She wants you to succeed in life as much as she does. She will be there to give you the push you need to keep you motivated no matter what.  

9. Together your selfie game is strong. 

She lives for taking pictures from silly to serious, she’s got em all. Her friends mean the world to her and they are the memories she never wants to forget.  

10. She lives for a good story. 

She actually asks you to tell her a story when she can’t sleep, but a real one, not a made up one. The sign of a true friend is being curious about your life and is always wanting to know more. 

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