10 Reasons Your Mom is Actually Your Best Friend

As you get older, you lose a lot of people in your life that you thought were “friends”. It hurts, but it’s reality. The one person that will never leave though… is your mom.

When you’re old enough to have gone through losing your friends because you’ve grown up and they haven’t, she will still be there. She will always be there, because whether you like to admit it or not, your mom is actually your best friend.

1. She loves you even when you’re being completely unlovable.

This is a no-brainer. She might get angry with you, and she may not agree with all of your choices, but it will never change the fact that she loves you unconditionally.

2. She will always keep your secrets.

You can tell her anything. She isn’t going to behind your back and air your dirty laundry. You can actually trust her, and you will always be able to.

3. She won’t leave you when things get rough.

A lot of people turn and run at the first sign of trouble. Not her. She’s your mom, and she will stay by your side through anything and everything.

4. She will always support you.

She may not agree with what you’re doing, but if it makes you happy, she will support you. Always. She believes in your dreams and goals and wants nothing more than to see you accomplish every one of them.

5. She won’t lie to you.

If you’re going out, and you think that dress makes you look a little pudgy, but you aren’t sure, ask her. Guarantee that you will get the most truthful answer you’ve ever heard.

6. She won’t try to steal your boyfriend.

Obvious reason. I mean, come on. She’s your mom. You’re her daughter. He’s your age…enough said.

7. There is no drama.

What drama could you possibly have with your mom? Besides normal family drama of course. But there won’t be any “guess what Ashley said about you?!” Or “I heard Brittney was texting (insert you boyfriends name here)”. No. Not with your mom.

8. Your happiness is a legit priority to her.

Your mom wants you to be happy and will do anything in her power to make sure you are. She doesn’t ever want to see you being anything less than excited about life.

9. She will never hurt you.

This one is obvious. You’re her baby, regardless of how old you are. She won’t ever intentionally hurt you or upset you. Her goal in life is to see you that way as little as possible, so she would never cause it herself.

10. She’s always been there for you.

Your mom has been there from the beginning. She has seen everything, heard everything, helped you through everything. When everyone walked away, she was always still there.

In my opinion, that’s pretty much the epitome of a best friend.