10 Reasons why Rainy Days are the Best Kind of Days

Not all rainy days need to be looked at in a negative way. Rainy days can come in handy when we just want to do any of these following things: 

  1. Excuse to be lazy: We all need that day to sit back and do absolutely nothing. Just close our eyes and listen to the rain. What a shame, looks like we have to cut the grass another day.
  2. Get to cuddle with your loved ones: Maybe it’s your significant other, cats or dogs, etc.. but the rain is the perfect day to lay in bed and cuddle all day with the people and animals that we love. 
  3. Free Car Wash: Who likes to save money?! We all do, so there you go, a FREE car wash 🙂
  4. To see beautiful rainbows: Because rainbows are awesome. And colorful, pretty, and amazing. If you don’t like rainbows, well then, you clearly haven’t seen the perfect one yet. 
  5. Dancing in the rain: You need to dance in the rain at least once in your lifetime! It’s fun and it’s even better with your significant other 🙂
  6. To Recreate the Notebook Scene: We alll should know that scene by now, you know, the most romantic scene ever!! If you have that special someone in your life, this is the perfect opportunity to feel like Noah and Allie and to recreate the most romantic scene ever.
  7. To be able to Nap all day: What better way to spend a rainy day then sleeping all day? Perfect opportunity to nap. Maybe even take two naps 🙂
  8. The temperature of the air after a long hot day: After a hot and humid day… Rain just makes the air feel so perfect. Like not too hot and not too cold. Just right.
  9. Watching netflix/movies all day & not feeling guilty about it: Literally, we all watch netflix or some kind of tv show or movie on a nice summer day, but I always end up feeling lazy and guilty about it. Thank you rain, for allowing my netflix addiction be okay for the day. 
  10. We all just need that rainy day once in a while: Let’s be honest, we all secretly love rainy days because it gives us the time to catch up on indoor housework, being lazy, naps, and netflix watching. So, really, rain rain come and stay..we dont care if you stay for a day.