The best dater ever is definitely a nerd! Think about how comics, animated, science fictions and superhero movies have captivated girls hope on finding their nerd! The way on how the characters are built, created, interpreted and especially shown in the movies and not only, they’re like a hidden gold. Girls keep looking in the surface for the best thing to come across, while they just have to look a little deeper to those who might have been judge really wrong because of their unseen inner side. Just throw away all kind of stereotypes that has been taught to you and let’s go down to those 10 indispensable things you need to know on dating a nerd:

  • Smart  and wise

It’s said that young girls look for an older guy and when they get older they look for a younger one.  Dating a nerd guy is like having the bonus in your relation! They spirit is like a child, willing to learn more and more every day and their comprehensive is like an old wise man.   

  • You  never feel in tense with a nerd.

They make life really easy, with no reason to create stress on unimportant situation and actually have always a solution about everything to make things flow smoothly. They make big causes looks like scratch moments in life.

  • Self-confident  synergy

All the superheroes  movies which you may have seen have a common thing; they know their power and use it for good reason. Usually, self-confidence is reachable once someone knows that is not perfect but he could always improve himself, and once he understand what powers he has, he will want to share them by helping others, too. As result he does not want to impress anyone, he is just fine with himself and easily he can make others feel comfy with what they are and what they like.

  • Whenever  you are around them time just flies. 

Question: have you ever been in dates, watching the time, when a minute looks like an hour? With a Nerd guy that  can’t happen. They are really smart to start a conversation, to go deep inside your personality, to catch the peek points of you and why not, to talk all night about you, without that even bothering you by making believe to yourself more than ever before. 

  • The  nerd is always capable to helping you with the tasks

A Nerd knows how to guide you on completing a task with effective results with no much effort. Happy boss, happy you, happy Nerd!

  • They  are good entertainers.

Who do not like celebrating and entertaining? Nerds’ are characterized for their quick and easy way on finding paths and solutions. Judging by the fact that they like science fiction, comic books, it makes their imagination flies beyond usual thoughts making entertaining part of their life.  They start from wandering to do something into doing different things and never getting bored. They have a good imagination, good sense of humor, and cool manner to make things happen.

  • They  generate ideas!

They are great on teasing your laziness into pushing you to look for prosperity and ambitious goals, making them as a need to be achieved. Even if you are at home, having nothing to do, they can open a debate with a question, which may make you jump from the sofa and argue to defend your beliefs. Imagine if that raised question leads you to bigger things! Whatever it happens you know for sure that Nerd guy will know where, when and why to stand beside you.

  • Carrying  in details.

The best partner is the one who notices the details. That’s what make difference between what is profane and what is not. Their careful way of noticing the small details and giving values to each of them, is what sharps their minds better. With their quick eye, catching detailed moves and gestures helps them to create links and channels which they transform them into good manners and behavior. That’s why they are characterized as gentlemen and great lovers.

  • They  are curious.

They stick usually in a relation because they know how to get out of dull moments.  You may have heard that being too much curious might hurt you but on the other hand it can help you keeping the fire always on! They question a lot by starting the phrases with what if…why…., what’s after…., and…., therefore just by thinking about already the curiosity wakes up imagination, raises hypothesis, generates leads, seeks for change and new develops, brings more life and action in a relation.

  • The nerd takes you proud.

Nerds are good for sure in something which rock today: Science and technology. They might be geeks, hackers, financial experts, scientist, doctors etc. Therefore they cannot be seen as only an asset for you but for a part of people or to the community, too.  So, a nerd results to be a partner to be proud of, to present and include him into your family and friends. 


To sum up, the unique quality about a nerd is that they are somewhere there behind the scenes and suddenly they jump from nowhere, expending your expectation and bringing challenge and big emotions into your life and the relation.