10 Awkward Family Convos We're All Dreading This Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially upon us, and we all know this means we will be seeing a lot more of our families. With these family gatherings comes the avoidable questions, awkward silences, and uncomfortable conversations. We love our family, but in doses. And if those doses could be in front of the TV with our mouths full of food that’d be great, thanks. Here are the 10 awkward family convos we’re all beyond dreading this holiday season.

1. The awkward, “how was finals?” conversation. 

You finally forget about the fifty mental breakdowns that you had over finals week, and now here is your uncle asking all about it and reminding you of those sleepless nights. You might be thinking ‘too soon’, but it’s slightly rude to answer with that. You also want to explain how getting a 50/100 means you still got half right, but that doesn’t always go over so well with the grandparents. 

2. The awkward money talk. 

People are naturally all up in your business, but some are way too nosy. This conversation will probably end with feeling like you were interrogated, especially when it comes to that student debt. Who likes student debt anyways? Can’t we just pretend it doesn’t exist like we usually do?

3. That awkward “are you seeing anyone?” conversation. 

Cousin Susan is married with several kids, and she is the same age as you. This will probably then get the whole family asking about your love life, while you swipe left or right on Tinder under the table. Is this ends with one of your relatives trying to set you up, run.

4. The awkward “so what’re you gonna do post-graduation” talk. 

You don’t even know what you are doing this weekend, let alone what you want to do for the rest of your life. Hell, you can’t even decide if you want ice cream or cake for dessert but you have zero shame in having both. This will probably end with you saying you want to help people, or work in the field you got a degree in, which no way do you want to do that.

5. The awkward teaching your relatives what Facebook is conversation. 

Your grandma doesn’t need to have a talk about how to use Facebook, you need a class to teach that. This will consist of about an hour explaining to your family member what a friend request is, and honestly you aren’t sure if she really understands.

6. That small talk with too much eye contact and unbearable silences.  

There will always be that one person you feel like you have never seen before at the family party that you’re somehow related to in a half this half that way. You might even wonder if you have ever talked to them before, however it seems like you got stuck next to them in line and at the table. This talk will probably consist of what winter will be like, or what all the kids are wearing this year, or if they’ve seen any good movies lately. Awkward with a capital A.

7. The painful politics talk.

North Korea, Trump, Russia. Once you start you can’t seem to stop, and you immediately regret the decision. Nothing says a family gathering like a heated talk about politics, while pashing the turkey.

8. The awkward talk about someone you don’t know. 

You know Cousin Susan’s friend’s sister’s ex boyfriend? That’s the talk. You don’t know them, nor do you really care, besides if you sit there long enough maybe that conversation will end. But instead, you fake laugh until your cheeks hurt. Hey, maybe you’re burning calories, though?

9. That awkward how did you like your gifts convo. 

We already know after eating all that food you are ready for a nap, or hibernation. And we already know that awkward gift you got, is probably going to be in the back of the closet for the next hundred years.

10. The awkward ‘what are we eating’ talk. 

First of all, it’s the holidays, so it’s the same shit that we eat every year. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, oh and if you’re lucky that one cousin will make brownies. We already know this, no one is going to bring that vegan stuff just because you ask every year about what we are going to eat.

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