10 Apps That You Must Have In Your iPhone

It must be very difficult to find useful apps from app store. More than 1 million apps are already there in app store. Here are some apps that you must have in your smartphone to make it really smart.

  • Google  Maps: If you want app that guides you then this is the right app for you. It’s an easy way to supercharge your phone’s mapping capabilities and one of the first apps you should grab for the iPhone.
  • Umano: With this app you can listen to articles with the voice of professional voice-actors. Either cooking or in gym, this can be a useful app for you. This app is perfect for you if you like podcasts, listen to audio books or prefer to consume other audio content.
  • Prismatic: You can select topics you like and this app will discover stories based on the popularity of the post. You can remark on stories, chat with companions, and share the articles by means of Twitter and Facebook.
  • theCHIVE: This app is the galleries of funny photos & videos, epic fails, beautiful girls, groundbreaking photography, and art from all over the world.
  • Dashlane: If you are a online shopper, this app is an unquestionable iPhone application for you. It automatically saves payment and confirmation. It helps you to monitor your internet spending and makes it easy for you to find your receipts.
  • Shazam: You might have heard a song while travelling and wanted to figure out what it is? With this app, you can do this easily. This application listens to the music being played and lets you know what the melody is in seconds. It additionally gives you more details and choices, for example, verses, band information and where to purchase the song.
  • Camera+: There are a ton of extraordinary camera alternatives to pick from in the App Store, however Camera+ genuinely delivers one of the best quality. For two or three bucks, you’re getting an application that basically covers each element as your requirement for taking the most ideal photograph with your iPhone and editing after click.
  • Jott  for iPhone: Rather than writing out your long messages using iPhone’s keyboard, with Jott you can simply start speaking into the recording interface, and it’ll appear in your Jott notes. You can then forward the Jott email to whomever you need. This is a real time saver.
  • FIND  MY IPHONE: Find My iPhone is a very useful app. Install, sign in, and the app will locate any of your devices that have been approved for use on the service.
  • Uber:  With this app you can easily request a taxi and get picked up within minutes. You can also compare rates and get quotes, you can pay by PayPal or by adding your credit card to a secure Uber account.