You Tell Me I Need to Eat a Cheeseburger, but I Can't Tell You to Chill with the Fries

All people do is shift their hatred and disparaging comments from one marginalized group to the next. 

Young women are already held to unreasonable standards of beauty and behavior, yet their bodies will never be seen as a healthy weight or type. 

Since when has the ‘ideal’ body been decided to be curvy, bootylicious, and full sized? 

I don’t know who died and decided skinny women are the new target of scrutiny, but please let me know.

1. “You’re too thin, you need to eat more.” 

Straight up telling someone to eat more is just as rude as telling someone to eat less. 

In their sick, twisted minds, people think that no matter how harmful and hateful their comments are, it’s somehow still a comment for a skinny girl. 

News flash, it’s not.

2. “Ew you’re so skinny you look anorexic.” 

Assuming my naturally thin body is an unhealthy one is extremely offensive.

Did you completely forget that body issues are a problem for all women? Clearly you did.

Ostracizing a girl for being “gross and overweight” is the same thing as telling a girl she looks too skinny or anorexic. 

Girls can be naturally smaller than average, just as they can be naturally bigger.  

3. Song lyrics that perpetuate skinny-shaming like “Fuck them skinny bitches… Fuck you if you skinny,” “Thick bitches only,” and “You know I won’t be no stick-figure, silicone Barbie doll,” would be considered offensive if artists sang about “fat bitches.”

It seems like popular culture is pitting ‘fat’ girls against ‘skinny’ girls, and the ‘fat’ group is winning. What has this world come to? 

Yet, it’s perfectly acceptable for Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, and Megan Trainor to hate on thin women?

Trainor even goes so far to say “Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches / Hey no, I’m just playing I know you think you’re fat.” 

So suddenly all skinny women are self-obsessed humble-bragging attention seekers? They all think that they’re fat? 

You bigger girls would blow a vein in anger if the roles were reversed.

4. Having a booty is suddenly the mark of a “real woman.”

Why can’t society stop caring about a woman’s body and start basing worth on her accomplishments and intelligence?

But it’s even worse that healthy women are subjected to hateful comments that damage their minds and contribute to the cause of personal body issues that never existed prior to the comments.

5. Saying “skinny bitches” is culturally acceptable, but no one dares to say “fat bitches.” 

They’re the “bad” ones for having a certain body type.

Songs, movies, and television all pronounce that women who are slender or skinny are automatically bitches. 

But an average or oversized woman couldn’t be presented as, or be openly referred to, as a bitch, or society would be in an uproar. 

6. What’s sick is that skinny girls need to gain weight, but once they do, they suddenly need to get in shape.

Americans have a high rate of obesity, yet skinny girls are still criticized for their bodies?

This practice of “too fat, too thin,” has been going on since the beginning of tabloids, but it’s especially demoralizing in the era of fat acceptance. 

Society has decided to be accepting, even welcoming, of unhealthy lifestyles.  

It doesn’t matter if a woman has a thin frame, if she’s fit, or if she’s just naturally skinny. 

She will be called too thin, then too fat, and will constantly be objectified.

7. Dieting and healthy eating is now shamed for no apparent reason. 

Trends that promote healthy lifestyles and food choices shouldn’t be shamed. 

Skinny women who take care of their bodies are called “dumb sluts” for partaking in health promoting trends. 

Chill with the double standards. 

Body shaming is never acceptable, no matter the size.

So next time you tell a girl she needs to to ‘go eat a cheeseburger’ think twice before opening your mouth.