You Don't Fall In Love "Too Fast", You Just Know What You Want

You meet someone and suddenly they’re the one. You’ve felt this way many times, about many different people, and you’ll never understand why. You’ll never know why you’re imagining a life together in your head when you’ve only known each other for a couple of weeks and have been on maybe four dates.

It’s hard because you’ve heard too many people make fun of those women, the ones that fall too fast. People say that they’re easy, that they’re crazy, that they don’t really know what love is.

But you know what love is, right? And, just because you fall faster than most doesn’t mean you’re weird, right? It has never been explained to you, and it definitely should have been, but what you need to know is that you are not alone.

There are other women on this earth – hell, there are millions of women on this earth – that feel emotions as strongly as you do.

Once you feel a connection, you run with it; you grab onto it with both hands and you don’t let it go because how can you let a good thing like that slip through your fingers? Why would you pass up any chance to find love?

You are the girl who gets too attached, you are the girl who falls too quickly, you are the girl who loves too hard, and it’s bizarre. Not to you, of course, never to you – this is how you’ve always been.

But to others…

You see the way they look at you, and you know better than to say the L word sooner than is socially acceptable because you have learned. It doesn’t matter how strongly you might feel it, you know what people will say.

It has ruined you because, according to the world, there is a time limit on love.

They treat love as if it is a grenade; if it’s handled wrong, it can blow up in your face, if it’s set off too quickly, it will never be effective.

They think love is a war and dating is the battlefield and you are their enemy. As if love is something to be measured in time and in victories.

You know better.

And you’ve learned that who you are makes people uncomfortable, and you have taught yourself to hide this basic, primal, essential part of you, and that isn’t fair at all.

But love for you is easy, and maybe if it was as easy for everyone else, life would be a little less unfair.