Why the Girl with No Chill Is the Best Girlfriend You'll Ever Have

No disrespect to the genuine chill girls out there, but the girl with no chill is just a different animal entirely. 

“Just seeing what happens” or pretending not to care isn’t cool with her.

She does care—and that makes her the sexy, loving girlfriend that she is.

1. ‘Low-key’ doesn’t exist in her world.

When she loves something, she goes all in

She doesn’t half-ass things, and she doesn’t hold back on affection. 

Her passion is infectious, too: don’t be surprised if you find yourself intoxicated by everything she has to say, and unable to keep your hands off her.

2. She slays the date-planning game.

She has her own suggestions.

All the big decisions aren’t all on you, and she’s definitely not going to let the two of you fall into the same old rut.

3. She’s a headstrong girl who knows exactly what she wants. 

And what she wants is you. She’s not your go-with-the-flow, let’s-not-put-labels-on-things kind of girl. 

She’s the kind of girl who’s proud of the guy she’s chosen. 

You’re in her life because she wants you there, not just because you just happened to be there.

4. She’s loyal to the core.

She’s not to type to be casually “chilling with” a roster of guys. 

If some fuckboy can’t commit, she drops him on the spot. 

And if she likes you, she makes it clear. She doesn’t flip flop.

5. She’s low maintenance but will always let you know what’s up.

You’ll never hear her sigh and an, “oh… nothing,” when you ask what’s wrong. 

Passive aggressive is not in her vocabulary and she’ll never lie about being fine when she’s not fine. 

Whatever the problem is, she’ll be straight up and tell you what you can do about it. 

And she’ll always accept your honesty, too.

6. She’s got her shit together and isn’t changing for anybody.

She’s not just going to adopt your personality and drop the rest of her life. 

But she’s no doormat: she has a strong will, and she’ll expect you to be your own person, too.

7. ‘Netflix and Chill’ isn’t her thing… at all.

This is no laid back chick who just wants to lie around drinking beer. 

This is the girl who wants to live life to the fullest—expect spontaneous car trips and unforgettable dates.

8. She’s the last person to ever play games. 

She doesn’t understand people who wait strategic amounts of time before replying to a text. 

She doesn’t get the big deal with trying to hide your feelings or pretending to like salad when you’d rather have a burger. 

And honestly, she could care less about the “rules” of modern dating, and she’s happiest when you’re just real with her.

9. She’s unapologetically true to herself. 

She cares about a lot of things… but not about being “cool.” 

She’s not going to jump through hoops to come off like some mellow chick who’s just one of the guys. 

She’s going to be herself and anyone who doesn’t like it can get out of her way.

10. She’ll always be there for you, through thick and thin.

You can always trust her to put your feelings first. She gets it. 

She’s an emotional person, so she won’t be weirded out by your emotions—you can be honest with her. 

Her love is strong.