Why I Cannot Wait to be 26 Years Old (As Told by a 20 Year Old)

Everybody my age is looking forward to his or her next birthday. It makes sense, seeing as 21 is the age where we can legally do what we do every weekend anyway. We can finally spend outrageous amounts of money and time at those magical places that are more commonly known as bars. I cannot wait until the big 2-1, but let’s be honest here: 26 is where it is at.

When you turn 26 you are not only still in the best decade of your life, but you also have a bit of an edge to you. Being 26 means a lot more things than being able to legally imbibe…

  1. You are old enough to be considered mature, but you are still young enough to get away with stuff.
  2. What’s the phrase? Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway? That’s it. That’s exactly what 26 looks like to me.
  3. Being 26 means you have survived four years postgrad, which is incredibly impressive, seeing as everybody says college is the best time of their lives.
  4. You probably have established some credit at this point in your life, meaning you can buy cool shit…
  5. …Okay, you may not have enough money to buy cool shit, but at least you are more financially stable than you were in the past six years.
  6. You start seeing the bigger picture when you are older, giving your actions more purpose.
  7. 26 is a perfect age to be a crazy, ambitious dreamer.
  8. If I get pregnant at age 26, most people won’t look down on me and I won’t have to raise the baby in my sorority house.
  9. You’ve lived enough life that is perfectly acceptable to start settling down at 26…
  10. …But you don’t have to if you don’t want to.
  11. 26 is to weddings as 13 is to bar and bat mitzvahs: they are endless.
  12. You and your remaining college friends are old enough to look back and notice how far you’ve come.
  13. You and your remaining childhood friends can safely say you’ve seen just about everything together.
  14. You’ll have your feet on the ground, your head on your shoulders and the ability to throw all that grown-up bullshit away for a night out on the town.
  15. Your friends will still be amped about drinking, but it won’t be the only thing that your social life is focused on. 
  16. People will stop asking what your plans are and will focus more on the awesome things you are currently doing.
  17. You’ll be able to appreciate the little things in life, like waking up without a hangover.