What's My Age Again? 20 Reasons I Refuse To Believe I'm In My 20's

Everybody is always talking about how age is just a number, and oh how accurate they are. I may be 20 years old (technically) but with each and every day I feel like I am a different age. Most days I am striving to come across like I’m 26 years old, but half of the time I am acting like an eight year old…

  1. I will choose sparkling grape juice over actual wine almost any day of the week.
  2. I am still afraid of the dark…
  3. …That being said, I really can’t go anywhere by myself past 8 pm, meaning I sometimes require my best friend (read: unpaid babysitter) to go places with me.
  4. I may be a junior in college, but I still ask professors if we can have class outside when the weather is nice.
  5. I still send and receive chain text messages (you know, the “if you send this to 15 people your crush will kiss you at midnight,” kind of texts?)
  6. I have napping down to a science.
  7. I frequent Nickelodeon and Disney channel quite often.
  8. The girl I nanny is always dumbfounded that I am the one getting paid to watch her.
  9. I still ask my parents for their permission when it comes to just about everything and anything I do with my life.
  10. I can never seem to wrap my head around how whales get put into their tanks at aquariums.

The other half of the time I feel like I am an 80 year old…

  1. I don’t like parties where the music is too loud…
  2. … I actually don’t like any location that has music that is too loud.
  3. I get overly frustrated by all the youths in my town and the shenanigans that they are constantly pulling.
  4. I’ve considered purchasing a “Life Alert” necklace one or two times in my life.
  5. Walking up a flight of stairs has me straight up winded.
  6. I know my social security number by heart.
  7. Some of my favorite people are in their 60’s or 70’s.
  8. I have a record player that is not used in the ironic-vintage-hipster manner.
  9. I own a few pairs of shoes strictly for their comfort, not their style.
  10. I’ve had my 401 K plan set up since I was a sophomore in high school.