We Need to Stop "Wanting It All"

I have spent countless hours on Instagram envying the lives of strangers who are richer, more famous, more fit and more fabulous than me. I am not ashamed to admit it because I know that I am not alone in this. It can be so easy to fall into a trap of “wanting it all.” We simply cannot daydream about one thing.

We want stellar boobs, butts and bellies but we don’t want to go to the gym. We yearn for the perfect career but we just want to sit around and watch Netflix all day. We want to have incredible friends and hot, thoughtful lovers, but we also want to focus on ourselves. We want our own reality shows but we also want our nosy relatives to stop commenting on our Facebook posts. 

We want it all and we want it now… Is that so much to ask for? Of course it is. Yet it is still a common goal to one day “have it all.” Having it all is not only impossible, but it is impractical and debilitating. 

Nobody can have it all, it’s as simple as that. Even the people who seem like they have everything they could ever want can think of a thing or two that would make them feel truly “fulfilled.” Despite the impossibility of having everything we could ever dream of, we still fight the good fight of getting there. It’s a waste of energy that could be put to actually adding more substance to our lives. 

That being said, I am not proposing that we throw our hands in the air and banish all of our aspirations. We simply need to refocus our view in simpler terms. If we had it all, it would take away all of the perseverance and strength we have built for ourselves throughout our years of determination to reach one goal at a time. 

Think about it: the genie only gave Aladdin three wishes because he knew that countless wishes would turn Aladdin into a selfish, ungrateful d-bag. That’s what would happen if we had it all. We wouldn’t be capable of being thankful and humble. 

Having everything you have ever wanted would mean your love life wouldn’t be the occasional frustrating whirlwind. But it would also take away the butterflies you get in your stomach when you finally find somebody you care about. It would devalue the hard work you put into getting those killer abs.

You will get everything you deserve if you work for it, but you do not deserve to have it all. As twisted as it sounds, you deserve to have more than “having it all.” That would make life far too easy, and I believe the only thing that should be made easy for us in life is cooking. 

Nobody deserves easy. You deserve chaos and sob sessions in the shower. You deserve early mornings and late nights. You don’t deserve these because you are a bad person who should experience bad things: you deserve them because they will make you better, stronger and more determined. So while sweat, tears and hardships are a bitch to deal with in the now, they become memories that we can look back on and take pride in all the effort it took for us to progress and succeed. 

Stop wanting it all and start challenging yourself to get what you deserve, whatever that may be, because when you start doing that it’ll be your Instagram that everybody fawns over.