Ways to Survive a Super Bowl Party When You Can't Stand Football

Most of America is gearing up for the big game this Sunday. It’s an exciting time for football enthusiasts. Patriots fans and Seahawks fans alike will all gather with their friends and celebrate over beer and pizza, because ‘Merica. But, just because you aren’t a huge football fan doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun at a Superbowl party. 

Whether you were dragged to the party by a significant other, or you just joined for the sake of FOMO. There are a bunch of fun things you can do to enjoy your time with your reveling, football-loving friends.

One fun way to enjoy a Super Bowl party is to prepare some interesting football snacks for the rest of the gang and yourself to enjoy. Bring some simple ingredients to the party and prepare treats in the kitchen while the game is on. Make it a group effort, and invite other non-football fans to join you. Some great ideas for party food would be guacamole, jalapeno poppers, chilidogs or snack mixes. You can even be bold and prepare sliders or chicken fingers. Making fattening guilty-pleasure party food is actually really fun and your friends will certainly appreciate it.

If cooking isn’t really your thing, you can always try mixing cocktails for the rest of the party. Beer doesn’t have to be the only drink available. Shake up a few different Super Bowl-worthy mixed drinks, like a sazerac, rum punch, a woo-woo, or even an irish coffee. Experiment and have fun with it.

Once everyone has his or her drink of choice in hand, initiate a drinking game! Make up your own rules and ask all your friends to join in. Every time your team fumbles (knock on wood) take a sip. Every time the other team scores finish a drink.

Make the night more interesting by betting on a team. Wage silly, amusing winnings with your friends or significant other. If your team wins your boyfriend has to take you to that new restaurant you’ve wanted to try. If his team wins you have to go take him to his favorite bar and buy him a round. It’s a lighthearted way to get invested in the game and join in the fun without having to actually like football.

The Super Bowl isn’t just known for the football. The half time show is also a huge part of the Super Bowl. The musical performers are always huge stars with over the top performances that usually don’t want to be missed. It’s much anticipated! As are the Super Bowl commercials. These million dollar advertisement slots are usual more entertaining than the game itself. Throughout the night take polls between the guests as to which commercial is their favorite. It’s a great conversation starter.

The most important thing is to go into the night with a positive outlook. Focus on the time that you are getting to spend with your friends, not the reason you are together. Whether you are a football fan or not, there’s no reason to miss a great opportunity for a fun night.