This is My Generation: To the Ones Who Aren’t Afraid to Live

This is my generation.

I am young, I am free, and I am wild at heart. You call me entitled; I just continue to soar. You think that I’m spoiled, but I just know what I want. You say that you know better, but I know myself better than you do.

Because I am me, not you. This is my generation.

I will kiss whomever I want, work for whomever I want, and go places to which you have never been.

I will explore my body, and the body of another – man or woman, black or white, young or old. I will own my body, because my body is mine, not yours.

I will choose. I will choose how much sex I have – lots or none – and should there come something of it that I did not plan, I will decide.

Because the decision is mine, not yours. This is my generation.

I will take time off and go explore the world, swim in the sea, and stargaze deep into the shadows of night. I will see landscapes, and swig whiskey under the moon; I will live for today and not worry for tomorrow.

You think that I want to eat my cake and have it too, but I just want to drink the world from the palms of my hands.

You tell me I’m reckless, but I’m just in love – in love with the world, in love with my freedom, and in love with the rich possibility of my life.

Because this life is my life, not yours. This is my generation.

I will stand by my rights, and know my worth. The worth of my body, the worth of my mind, and the worth of my beauty. I will have the strength to say no, and the backbone that you didn’t expect me to have.

I will create, I will evolve, and I will change the face of things. If not for the reason that you think I can’t, then for the reason that I know I will.

Because I am I, and you are you. And this is my generation.