There is Sunshine Behind the Shadow of Death

When it comes to losing someone you love and cherish to death, the pain is indescribable. 

Because they were kind of your everything.

They were the one who saw your through the rock bottom no one else really wanted to see. They were the one who saw through fake smiles that would hide the truth and said those words you despised but needed to receive.

They were that one person in your life who you were sure would always be in your life until death came.

The pain of how fast it happens can’t be explained. It really just hurts to lose them. Your vision is always veiled with grey even when the sun is out. In fact, it takes a while for you to see the sun again.

But remember that the sunshine is still there.

Because the shadow proves the sunshine. No matter how deep you are into that sea of grief, you will resurface and see the sun again.

Because that’s what they’d want you to do. 

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