The True Meaning of Being Authentic

To be authentic is to do something that takes courage and that’s staying true to yourself.

Being yourself, who you really are behind closed doors, isn’t easy. There’s still a need to perform. Even in spaces that claim to be safe, you still feel like you have to walk on eggshells.

You can’t help but want to be validated. So you mince your words and try to say the right things. But because of that, you end up living in fear of being found out. 

Eventually, you realize there’s no point in trying to stay on everyone’s good side. But still, being yourself is hard because it’s more than just standing out.

It’s saying the things you really want to say, knowing it’s going to make you unpopular.

Because being authentic means being okay with not being the most likable person because you’d rather stay true to yourself than desire to be popular. You’d rather put your social life on the line than be a fraud.

Staying true to yourself requires loving yourself and being content with all your quirks.

It’s singing your heart out after a late night outing with friends because you feel like it and not because you’re trying to entertain the people around you. It’s not being shaken by the dirty looks you get because of it.

Being authentic means you don’t need validation from attention.

Your worth isn’t dependent on the amount of likes and reblogs your posts on social media. If you spend time writing a nice post, you’re fine with it not getting a lot of attention because it’s not for people’s approval but for yourself. You use that platform to express your thoughts.

To be authentic is to take risks for the sake of your sanity. 

Risks where your family and friends look at you like you have lost your mind. Risks that are costly for you because it’s doing something you’ve always wanted to do but weren’t brave enough to. But it would drive you insane if you didn’t do it. 

So you do because to be true to yourself, you do things for yourself without apology.

You have a kind of humbleness where you’re comfortable with going for what you desire even if there’s a chance of messing up because being authentic means looking at every mistake not as self-defining but self-improving.

Being true to yourself means refusing to live by the praises of others. If you live by the praises of people, you’ll die by their praises because not every opinion of you will be a praise and being authentic means being fine with that but not internalizing it.

To be authentic is to not live for approval, but to just live.

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