If You Can Feel My Love

We all know love isn’t something you feel, it’s something you do. Love is an action word, a choice to stay through all the hardships and pleasures.

If you depend only on your feelings to know whether or not you’re in love with someone, you won’t be in love for very long. It’s pretty much why most fall out of love. 

They feel the love and get infatuated with it. But when their feelings change, their commitment abandons them and they leave.

But I must admit that sometimes, I wish you can feel my love for you.

Because if you can feel my love, you’d understand that I do love you even on days where it seems like I don’t.

If you can feel my love, you’d feel how much I enjoy listening to you talk about the things that matter to you most and the dreams that you’re afraid of but want to do anyway because it’s in your heart.

You’d know how much I value you by caring about what you care. Even in those days when I’d like to be alone, when I seem detached, I wish you could feel that I still miss you and love you. 

I hope you can feel my love in those Christmas gifts and birthday treats. I hope you know that I don’t give them to you because I have to, but I want to.

If you can feel my love, you’d know how much my body misses you, how much I crave you. It’s my self-control that keeps a lid on it.

If you can feel my love, you’d know I love you just because. You’d know that my passion for you is also compassion. I’m with you because you are you, so you don’t need to perform. 

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