How to Make the Best Impression on Your First Day at Work

Impressing your boss doesn’t necessarily stop after your interview. Once you’ve landed the job, you still have to be able to exude trust and responsible. That’s one of the only ways to ensure promotions, raises and your boss’s respect.

Office politics are alive and well in most businesses, and there is no way one can survive and thrive in an office setting without sincere regard from your supervisors and support from your coworkers and teammates.

  1. First impressions are everything. Going into your first day of work with the right attitude and strategy will make a huge difference on the rest of your career. Being upbeat, friendly, and helpful to your team will keep you on everyone’s good side and keep you as productive as possible.
  2. When you arrive one your first day, being polite is a must, but don’t draw the lie there. Be outgoing. Introduce yourself to everyone and make a conscious effort to remember everyone’s name and position. It will make them feel special, and will definitely come in handy down the line.
  3. Be respectful to everyone. Treat everyone in the office with the same about of kindness and sincerity, no matter their title. Just because someone is an assistant or intern or receptionist or custodian, does not mean they deserve less of your time or respect. Your kindness will be reciprocated and it will more than likely be noticed by your supervisor.
  4. In the same vein of showing everyone equal respect; don’t be hesitant to offer your assistance to everyone. Whether it’s helping to lift a heavy package, taking notes for someone, or even just proofreading a report or email, always make sure to offer your assistance. Being a team player is a huge part of being well respected.
  5. Staying positive, and keeping a great attitude throughout the day will make a huge difference of your first impression. Despite how long a day is, how hard a project is, or how annoying your boss is, don’t express it out loud; definitely not on your first day. People will natural gravitate towards someone with a positive outlook. If your comments or actions are negative, soon enough people will begin to associate your will negativity and try their hardest to stay away.
  6. Be polite. If you step out of the office for coffee, ask other members of your team if they would like something. If you bring snacks to work, make sure it’s enough to share with your immediate teammates and make sure to offer them some. It shows that you are thoughtful and selfless. Showing consideration will always be the best first impression in must situations.
  7. At the end of the day, take time to meet with your boss or supervisor and let them know all the great things you loved about the position and the company. Also, never leave without telling everyone goodbye. Just packing up and leaving without talking to anyone make you seem rude. Never go the anti-social route on your first day. It’s the worst impression you can make in an office setting.

Taking the right steps and preparations to make a good first impression can change everything. You will have a stronger relationship with your team, a healthier environment, and lead the way to a successful career.