Differences Between Doing What You Love And Loving What You Do

Some people get lucky with their jobs and they end up getting hired and falling in love with them. Others are not so fortunate and they dread they day ahead from the moment they punch in. Then there are the people we all hope to be: the people that get their dream jobs and do not have to acclimate or take time to fall in love with them.

There are obviously differences between people who enjoy their work and those who don’t. People who love going to work are typically much happier, productive and driven. That is a no brainer. However, there are also differences between people who do what they love and people who simply love what they do. These variances are much more difficult to pinpoint. Both find their workplace atmosphere enjoyable, so then what separates them?


Yes, both are passionate about what they do. But the person who is doing what they love has a passion that comes from somewhere far more deep within them than the person who loves what they do. Doing what you love means you have wanted this dream job for the sole reason of pursuing a passion. The money, the location, the people do not matter as much as the fact that you are simply in a place where you are being allowed to pursue your passion.


When you are doing something you love, you have been given a chance to achieve a goal that you set out to reach from the moment you discovered your dream. This notion of opportunity is one that makes you feel so grateful for being the recipient of your dream.


The drive that a person who does what they love is so deeply embedded in them that they are always motivated to think about it. They are doing what they do because they cannot imagine living without it, so they are always finding ways to put out the best work and ideas they possibly can generate.


Even if you love what you do, your first passion is always going to take precedence over your job, whether a personal hobby, a relationship, etc. This is not to say that people who love their jobs are slackers, it just means that people who do what they love are killing two birds with one stone: their passion is their job, so it will always be the most important element of their life. It is like an extension of themselves, and that makes it much more difficult to not make it a priority. People who do what they love are constantly dependable and make other’s job much easier.