This Is Why You Should Date The Girl Who Loves Too Hard

If you are the girl who loves too hard, being passionate is your natural state, you have the biggest heart and live life fearlessly.

For this type of girl, loving too much is far better than not loving enough, after all, life is too short to waste it, so it’s better lived pouring your heart out to the world like a boss!

To have that level of trust in one’s heart requires courage and a ton of confidence. So yes, the girl who loves hard not only has plenty of love to give but also has the badass attitude to go with it. She’s a true natural born giver.

1. She’s perfectly adept at taking leaps of faith.

Life’s challenges are welcome with open arms, whatever they might be because she understands that in order to win, she’s gotta have some losses…

2. So losing in life is always accepted with pride.

As long as she gave it her very best,  she’ll make the best out of whatever mistake she might have made or whatever fucked up pain someone might have caused her. But before she gets back on her feet …Wine anyone?

3. For the girl who loves too hard, anything is a good excuse for a nice glass of her favorite liquid heaven.

After all, this girl has a heart of gold, and there’s nothing like getting over life’s bittersweet moments than with a good cry and a glass of wine. But for a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, times like this also call for the company of a SO or a friend because…

4. She loves to love, and that makes her loyal to a fault.

There’s something special about this girl that makes people gravitate towards her. It might be her passion for life or her giving nature. Either way, friendship, and love never take a back seat when it comes to loyalty. She’s the one that you can count on through thick and thin, and most definitely the type to have an I’ll-take-a-bullet-for-you type of relationship with. If you’re lucky enough to have this girl in your life, be gentle and caring with her heart because…

5. She’s a strong girl with a sensitive heart.

She’s always open to give and receive, but when it comes to her emotions, she doesn’t usually show what’s going on in her heart. Whether this girl is spiraling out or being at her highest, she keeps it cool as a way of covering up her most vulnerable spots.

6. So beware of her smarts because she has all the tricks in the book to guard her most precious treasure. Her heart.

She has a ‘No BS’ policy. She’s as blunt as they come and will always stand up for herself and those she loves.

So be upfront, loyal and kind with her because she’s always ready to love with her whole heart. If you try to mess with her emotions, make sure you’re ready to take her sass. You’ll only have two options with the girl who loves too hard: love the shit out of her or save your ego the heartbreak.