Awesome Tips to Throw the Best Party Ever

I absolutely adore throwing parties. Big, over-the-top, incredible parties that people talk about for years.

I take any occasion and turn it into a time to celebrate. I love being surrounded by friends and family and just enjoying life together, while eating great food and sipping stiff drinks.

It’s an unbelievable feeling to produce such events. There is certainly an art to it, and here are some of my tips for coordinating a sure-fire good time.

Believe it or not, sending out an invite is extremely important. It sets the tone for the entire party experience. If the gathering is more casual, utilizing the Internet is smart and sensible. A quick Facebook event or email is perfectly fine. But, if the event is on the larger scale, especially if you are asking guests to bring an item or dress in a specific attire (whether that be costume of tuxedo), a physical invitation and phone call follow-up is the best fit. If you are working with a party theme or celebrating a special occasion make it very clear on the invite. Have fun with it! Just because an invitation and save-the-date are informational, it doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Consider including confetti in the envelope, perfect for birthday parties or New Years gatherings, it’s a great way to start the experience off in a fun, memorable way.

Most parties are to celebrate a certain occasion (graduation, birthday, wedding, holiday, etc.), but that doesn’t have to be the case. Some of the best parties are just for fun. They often have the best turnouts, because the spontaneity peaks interests and doesn’t conflict with other possible events – especially during wedding season or the holidays, when parties are often back-to-back. But, it’s still important for each party – even random ones – to have a clear message, whether it is a theme or a goal. It creates great opportunity for conversations between guests, and creates a sense of community. It’s all about the vibes of the guests.

Create an atmosphere for your party by designating specific areas open to guests. If the party takes place at a home, choose rooms that you feel comfortable dedicating to the party. Create control and a warm, full feeling by keeping access to some rooms (such as bedrooms, offices, etc.) off limited. This will also make decorating less time consuming. If the weather is nice, always opt for the outdoors. This helps make clean up easier, especially if budget for a rented venue or space is not an option.

When decorating, think outside the box. Be original and creative. Never settle for just the supplies available at your local party store. For example, if you are hosting a themed party based on a specific era, visit a vintage shop; if you are planning a garden party visit an outdoor supply store. Also, thrift stores are great resources when looking for unique items to decorate with, and save a lot of money – which can be spent on more important items.

Food and drinks are very important at a party. First of all, alcohol can be a deal breaker for many, so clearly state in the invitation whether or not alcohol will be served or if a gathering is BYOB. The same goes for food. Always state far in advanced whether a meal, appetizers or hor d’oeuvres will be served or if the event is potluck. Keep the menu simple and easy, so that many can enjoy it. But, don’t be afraid to play off of your theme when it comes to food and drinks. If your party is London-themed choose fish and chips; if it 50’s themed serve root beer floats and other soda shop favorites; and so on.

Music is also very important to a party. Playing music that guests will want to dance to and sing along with is important, even if you are opting for a certain theme. The music plays a big role in setting the mood as well. Keep it upbeat, and energetic. If you have the budget, always choose a D.J. over your own music. That way that’s one less thing you have to worry about during the party, because keeping a constant flow of music and organizing guests’ song requests can be stressful. D.J.’s also usually offer a wider selection of music, and keep up with hip and trending artists. Something you should keep in mind if you are taking on the music challenge yourself.

It’s always nice to also offer the guests special, take-home presents for attending. If you are hosting a luau, offer fresh leis; if you are hosting a masquerade, offer a DIY mask. Also, think of a hashtag that guests and yourself can use during the party. It’s a fun way to share images and thoughts on social media during the party with other guests, and great for revisiting after its over. Make sure to advertise your hashtag throughout the venue and even consider including on the invitation. That’s because the most important rule to any party is making it memorable. Be wild, crazy, creative, and unique, and your party will be a hit.