An Open Letter From A Wild Girl With A Loyal Heart

My college experience consisted of parties, boys, more boys, one girl, and making decisions that may or may not have been the best for me or for my future. I had become the typical party girl, enjoying the juice and dancing the night away. 

The dancing might have been on the bar or some tables. So people automatically assumed I was senseless and only thought about my needs.  

Now, we all have a past. We all have made mistakes, but for me it was mistake after mistake. I tried to find love in so many different places, including dollar beers and Fraternity boys. And the reputation I got for these mistakes, was not something one would call “loyal”. 

I had people calling me out on all types of social media for “thotting” around, and drinking too much. I was on Yik Yak being called a “slor,” and facebook chats were being made about me to talk about how much of a ho ho I was. 

People automatically assumed I was a bad friend, and that I was self centered. However, the people that actually knew me, knew that I wasn’t what the Internet was saying.

I was there for the late night phone calls with the best friend. I was there to help when my sister had work issues. And I was most definitely there when my family needed me. However, I still was able to party it up on the weekends and turn up. 

People and society these days believe that the party girl, or the wild child, is a bad person. They automatically assume that if a girl can drink whiskey and can keep down more than five beers, she has some pretty questionable motives. 

That, however is most definitely not the case. Instead, the wild girl is by far one of the most loyal friends, and girlfriends you can have.

We are very, very inclined to judge people that we think are wild. We see the girl in the bar up on the table dancing, and we think, “what a whore.” 

We never think, “wow, what a confident woman celebrating her friend’s new job.” We even judge ourselves harshly, by not doing things, just because we believe that people will give us a dirty look or call us a dirty name.  

I most definitely had my wild girl moments and in this case, I’m thankful that I had great people to share it with. I drank, smoked, got the nickname of, “trap queen,” but I learned that at the end of the day, the people that I was with was what really mattered. 

We have to stop believing that wildness and loyalty can’t go hand in hand. They most definitely can. The loyalty someone has for their friends or boyfriend does not dictate whether they like to go up with the club on a Tuesday night. 

My wildness didn’t even stop when I met my love, my boyfriend. I’m in a long distance relationship, so many of his friends warned him, “Oh be careful,” or “Are you sure you can even trust her?” 

My sorority boxed-wine loving self is as faithful to my boyfriend as faithful can be. I go out with friends, go to clubs or parties, but after call my boyfriend because I miss him. Drinking doesn’t change the fact that I am extremely committed. 

The only time that a wild girl is not loyal, is when she isn’t even a loyal person to begin with. Alcohol and partying do not change the personality of a person so much that they ditch a friend or cheat on their boyfriend. Ever heard the saying, “Drunk words, sober thoughts?” That’s the same thing with loyalty. If a wild girl acts unloyal, she wasn’t a loyal person to begin with. 

 Looking back on my “wild child” days, I don’t regret a thing. I realized the type of person that I wanted to be with i.e. my boyfriend now. I realized the friends that I wanted to keep, but most importantly I realized that there is nothing wrong with being a party girl. My friends also realized that there was nothing wrong with being my friend, because I was loyal to the core with them, even after a few shots.

So here’s to embracing our wild sides, and staying loyal as f*ck.