9 Things Men Think Qualify Them As a Feminist, But Don't

Guys these days think that the minute they don’t hold the door open for a lady – or when they turn off a Chris Brown song – they’re automatically the most important feminists in the world.

Well, listen here gentlemen! No uterus, and no title of feminist! These things don’t qualify a guy as the future Beyonce female empowerment figure – just as a nice dude:

1. He tells you that you don’t have to wear make up.

Buddy, women definitely aren’t wearing this junk on their faces for a man’s approval. We wear makeup to make the other basics jealous and because we women, are feelin’ ourselves.

So slow your roll on the feminist banter, sir.

2. He won’t pay you a compliment, because that’s totally sexualizing you.

If we look hot, we look hot. Tell us. Don’t objectify a woman to how pretty she is, but if we get dressed up for our man, let us know that we clean up nicely.

Nothing anti-feminist about throwing some nice words around.

3. He lets you pay for dinner.

If a guy and a girl have been together for a while, and the lady has a successful job, she totally doesn’t need a dude’s help with the bill. She’s a strong, confident woman with a career that allows her to pay and tip, maybe even twenty percent.

But if it’s your first date, c’mon don’t use feminism as a way of being a cheap guy.

4. He lets you pay his own bills or expenses that he’s created.

Letting a woman pay for bills is for when she is married with three kids and she shares her entire life with her man – including a bank account.

A guy’s girlfriend or someone that he is dating shouldn’t be paying for things that she didn’t even buy. We can support ourselves just fine, but shouldn’t have to support our man child bf too.

5. He lets you walk next to the road.

This one is a forgotten old school move, and a powerful woman doesn’t need to be shielded from walking directly next to the road. However, it’s a gentlemanly gesture to walk with a lady on the inside, if a man wants to really show a female that he cares.

Breathe in all those car toxins in the name of love, sir.

6. He won’t kiss you in public because PDA isn’t feminism.

Okay guys, hear us out. We know that excessive PDA is annoying and that we, as the female gender, don’t need someone continuously slobbering all over us.

But, hey, a little peck is good for the ego.

7. He won’t carry your books, groceries, or other heavy items.

These dudes think that if a girl has something heavy to carry, it’s all on us women to do it ourselves – 

Just like this patriarchal society. *sighs*

8. He’s decided to call you a “strong feminist,” instead of using some other colorful language.

Calling a lady a b***h, and calling her a feminist are not the same thing. Women might act a little angry, but calling someone a feminist is when someone realizes that they are in favor of equality for sexes –

Not when they’re screaming at you because they’re hangry. Chill.

9. He says things like, “I’m a good guy, I’m totally a feminist.”

Just because he’s a “good guy” doesn’t make him a feminist, it just means he’s a decent human being. Men don’t get special treatment for doing what they’re actually supposed to do.

Guys, women won’t just give you the goods because you’re “nice.”