8 Reasons You Wish You Could Skip Thanksgiving

Okay, I know Thanksgiving can be delightful to many. It’s a time to rejoice with your families and give thanks for all of the blessings in your life. Those aspects of the holiday are wonderful, and it of course has its own charm and personality, being that it’s during most people’s favorite season of all. FALL.

But that doesn’t mean some of us aren’t cringing at the thought of what follows during every Thanksgiving.

1. The calories are too real.

Who doesn’t love to stuff their face during Thanksgiving? There are so many options. As much as we love to say it’s the one time during the year where we can be as fat as we possibly can and get away with it… we’ll be paying for it later.

According to the Calorie Control Council and, the average American will consume 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving.

In case you were wondering what that might be equal to, they’ve assorted their own list of foods you’d have to eat in order to reach that number.

They consist of:

– 15 Dairy Queen small hot fudge sundaes

– Seven Burger King Whoppers

– Four Chipotle Burritos (carnitas, white rice, black beans, salsa, sour cream and cheese)

– 12, 14-inch slices of Peperoni Pizza

– 43 bananas

– 45 Greek non-fat yogurt cups

– 50 Trader Joe’s salmon burgers

– 160 pineapple slices

– 90 McDonald’s side salads.

2. The fact that your family cooks the exact same dinner for Christmas.

You know damn well your family isn’t creative or inventive enough to spark up different recipes. They might switch up a few of the sides, but for the most part, you’re eating the exact same food a month later.

And do we not stuff are faces just as much during Christmas? Let’s be real with ourselves.

If this isn’t true for you, consider yourself one of the lucky one’s.

3. The traveling back and forth to see family is annoying AF.

If you are away at school or moved far away from family, you know the commute back and forth can be the worst. Whether it’s from your dorm, your apartment, or possibly the floor of your friend’s house, it’s gonna be a nuisance.

Don’t even get me started on if you don’t have a car. Us non-drivers have nightmares about the railroad commute. Crowded, suffocating nightmares… filled with people who have festive shirts and really large suitcases.


4. You are a child of divorce.

And your parents are awesome enough to give you the ultimatum of who you want to see on Thanksgiving and who you’d like to visit for Christmas.

Cool. Thanks, guys. Everyone knows that Christmas is the more important of the two, so this is basically a lose-lose situation.

5. The secretive fact that everyone has that one relative they can’t stand.

We won’t let them know, but the rest of the family secretly acknowledges it.

They are usually found prodding into people’s conversations or laughing at their own jokes. They are always the first person to grab one of the utensils in one of the various bowls and start making their plate before anyone’s said grace. Always.

6. The other relative who will stop at nothing to make sure you keep eating.

This relative is super nice, which also makes it really hard to say no to them.

Before everyone commences in what is likely to be pure silence and all sounds of chewing and drinking… you’ll have to refrain from jumping out of your chair and exclaiming that, “No I don’t want any more stuffing!” as they shovel servings on to your plate before you’ve even answered as to whether you wanted it or not.

They will insist that you eat more… and more… and more. And at the end of the night, they will make sure you’ve packed your already full bags with six tupperware’s full of leftover’s.

But we love them all the same for these very reasons.

7. You made the decision to go veg or vegan within the last year.

If you decided to take the plunge into no longer eating meat within the last year, your family will look at you like you’ve grown another head… or two. Then they’ll ask you why you can’t still eat turkey.

8. The fact it’s the most opportune holiday for your family to interrogate you about your personal life.

While you give thanks to everything you’re grateful for, it’s only a matter of time before the word “family” will segue way into a relative asking you when you’re going to settle down.

“What, you don’t want to have kids? What’s the problem”

They will ask you everything. From how your love life is going to how your classes are at school to when the last time you brushed your teeth was.