7 Things Everyone in a Long Distance Relationship Will Understand

For anyone familiar with the bittersweet joy of being one half of a long distance relationship, you know that some stuff just becomes normal. At first, the thought of loving someone miles away was not extremely daunting. Now it seems like a day-to-day routine. These seven things have completely changed the way that you live. Your schedule has been completely changed by your long distance lover.

1. Scheduled Breaks

You understand that there are scheduled times that the phone will ring everyday, and you already know whose voice will be on the other end of the line. You called each other at this exact time so that you won’t accidentally miss the call while riding the subway or taking your afternoon latte time. These times have become so natural that you can’t imagine not falling asleep on the phone to their voice or eating lunch without telling him about your afternoon meeting.

2. You Mastered the Selfie

Every morning you wake up to a new selfie of him in his purple suit. You know which filter looks best with the lighting on your morning commute ride. The selfie has become the way that you two let each other see your day-to-day appearance. Not only do you feel like you’re getting dressed up to impress each other, but you can remind each other of the physical chemistry that brought you two together.

3. Your Sexy Voice is on Point

Okay, let’s not be bashful. We all know that in a long distance relationship, there are only certain ways to play up your sex life. And phone sex is the main one. But let’s (again) be honest and acknowledge that you’ve learned the tone and the volume for the perfect late night call.

4. You Know How to Make Small Talk

In the early days of the relationship, you had literally no idea how to have a simple conversation. There were awkward pauses, so many “ums”, and the dreaded, “so…” But now you have complete knowledge of how to simply start off a conversation. No matter how dull the conversation is going – he’s talking about his coworkers and you’re talking about your roommates – you keep the conversation going just to hear his voice.

5. You’ve Learned Some Global Slang

At least once during every conversation, you to ask them to clarify the meaning of some international slang they’ve picked up while away. You also know that you’ll be having a chill wine night with your friends in New York and, from out of no where, you’ll start using a word that he’d be using at a bar in Barcelona. This exchange of language is a reminder that, even though you know you’re far away, you also feel that your two places are blending together.

6. That Look You Get When You Tell People You’re in a Long Distance Relationship

The look is probably from your mom or sister, but you know what I’m talking about: that slightly awkward smile you get when you tell someone else that your significant other is further than two-hours away. We get it, we understand what type of relationship we’re in, now let us live.

7. That Feeling You Get When You Finally See Them Again

You’ve been waiting weeks, months, maybe even a year. You understand that warm feeling, that almost embarrassing blush that you get no matter how much time has passed. And you know it was worth the wait to see them.