7 Struggles of The Girl Who Can't Understand Her Own Emotions

So, you know that you’re feeling something but, you’re not really sure what…

It’s a jumble of different feelings nudging at your soul, but you just can’t seem to put your finger on it.

1..You’re starting to feel a little crazy

How can I not understand my own feelings? I’m a smart girl…this shouldn’t be so difficult.

Am I angry, mad, or sad?

Am I anxious, excited, or happy?

Great, now I’m talking to myself…

2. The physical feelings are taking a toll on you

I honestly can’t tell if my stomach hurts because I’m nervous or if I’m coming down with something…

I also keep getting this pain in my chest and I don’t know if I should see a doctor…or a therapist.

3. You start to rethink all your life choices

Wow, maybe work is making me feel all, well, you know…weird.

Maybe I’m just not happy with my job?

I spent so much money and so many years of my life going to school for this…Did I choose the wrong path?

4. You start to question everything in life

Am I with the right group of friends? 

What’s my talent? Do I even have a talent?

The only thing I’m sure of nowadays is, that I am confused!

5. Frustrated is an understatement

I just want someone to understand me, someone who can relate.

But, if I don’t even understand myself — how can somebody else?!

6. You can’t even vent

How am I supposed to tell my friend that im feeling “umm, well, I’m feeling you know–bleh???

That doesn’t even make sense!

The only emotion I can accurately determine right now is frustration!

7. Mood swings

Why the heck am I feeling so low right now?!

I could’ve sworn I was laughing about a second ago…

Maybe I just need to hangout with some friends and get my mind off of everything?

Maybe I should just cry it all out and see what happens.