7 Annoying Misconceptions About the Alpha Female

Alpha Females are often terribly misunderstood by Beta women and lesser males. When this happens, they’re called a bitch, whore, etc. The reality is, they will not be confined by “appropriateness,? and choose to be defined by their courage, bravery, and their decisions to go after the life they want.

Here are 7 common misconceptions about an alpha female that are actually pretty annoying:

1. They're sarcastic because they're mean.

Alphas are sarcastic with their friends because they’re playful and want to bond, not because they’re mean. Their sarcasm is humorous, not rude, by nature.

They like to play around not because they dislike people, but because they want to eliminate barriers between people. They would never laugh at you if they didn’t think you could laugh at them too.

2. Alpha's are bitches.

People often confuse having a backbone for being a bitch. It’s very easy to get along with someone who is more submissive, a "go with the flow? attitude, someone who doesn’t open their mouth when they don’t like something.

But an alpha female will risk tension because she will not put her needs aside to keep the peace at any cost. If she feels disrespected, she will call that person out. When this happens, it’s easy to her a “bitch? a “villain? or a "narcissist" because she’s not easy and she’ll call you out on your shit, but the reality is she just has balls, respect for herself and her boundaries.

3. They're blunt because they like drama.

No, they're actually blunt because they want to avoid drama. Think about all those times that someone held in their feelings and then an issue built up and exploded. One thing to take off your list of worries is having that happen around an alpha female.

Alpha females do not like to argue, their approach to conflicts is more direct so it may appear like they do, but don’t be fooled – an alpha wants to listen and talk things out in a meaningful and real way so that fights are avoided, not started.

4. Alpha's are high-maintenance.

Alphas are not high-maintenance, they just know their worth. Girls who think of themselves as "chill" or "low maintenance" often misconceive themselves as such and end up being doormats instead of girlfriends. 

The other facets of their personality and what makes them unique gets suffocated under his needs. An alpha will instead focus on her own integrity and worth. That’s scary for a lot of lesser males because they know that she isn’t obsessed about keeping him if that means she has to sacrifice any of her own needs.

5. Alphas are insensitive.

Being all gooey is extremely difficult for an Alpha. She’s had to go through a lot of people’s bullshit, so her hard exterior is just her reaction to the world’s crap.

It’s often the people that are tough and don’t show their emotions easily on the outside are the ones who are the most sensitive inside. An alpha is actually overly sensitive and affectionate underneath all that sass.

6. Alpha's want everyone to agree with everything that they say and any opinion that they have.

That’s probably the biggest misconception of all. The thing about an alpha female is they like to challenge, and they often call people out on their bullshit – which makes people get really defensive.

Alphas like to speak to people bluntly and to their face – not because they disregard any opinions other than their own or try to convince everyone of theirs, but because they like to challenge. But often, just because someone needs to hear it, doesn’t mean it’s always what they want to hear and alphas end up being labeled as “controlling? or “narcissistic.?"

7. Alpha's are controlling.

If there is a problem, she likes to solve it. An alpha is a hard worker and is passionate about her ideas. This is often misunderstood by lesser males and females as wanting dominance or control – but that is further from the truth.

She is often the leader in a group because she voices her opinions and ideas and can make fast decisions. She is extremely independent and sometimes she speaks like she know it all because she does. Just kidding. Kinda. She is just sure of herself and that comes through in her voice – but it’s not arrogance that you’re hearing, it’s passion, confidence and experience. And her ultimate goal? To makes things better.

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