6 Reasons Women Need to Stop Faking Orgasms

Apparently there are more FOs out there than I thought there were.

In a recent study, 85% of men said that their female partners successfully orgasm during sex, while only 64% of females said that they actually do. This shows that there’s a whopping 21% of females out there who are flat out FOs (fake orgasmers).

But. Just. Why????

Fine, I understand that sometimes it’s just not gonna happen – I mean, when it’s not gonna happen, it’s not gonna happen – but he’s trying so hard, and it seems easier to fake it than have to explain why you can’t finish.

We’ve all faked it once or twice, but to fake it on a regular basis? Ladies, I just don’t get it. You’re definitely missing out, but for the greater good of the human race, you’ve got to start being more honest. With yourself, and with your partner:

1. You’re letting him think that whatever he’s doing is actually good. It’s clearly not.

The really scary thing is that if this guy has been with FOs in the past, he thinks that he’s great in bed. He does one thing, girl clutches the sheets, and boom he believes that he’s got a magic dick.

This guy is just gonna wind up going through girl after girl who dumps him for “other reasons” when really the reason is, dude, you have no idea what you’re doing in bed.

If someone would just speak up, the poor guy could find his way around the complicated landscape sooner rather than later.

2. Porn is fake as f*ck.

There are some men out there who literally think that they can just put a finger inside you and within 10 seconds you’re screaming so loud your toes are curling.

Yeah, well, if it were that easy, don’t you think we’d be orgasming 50 times a day? It takes a little more work than that, and pornos are really giving men the wrong idea about how easily we can cum.

3. Man, meet clitoris. Clitoris, meet man.

It’s been found that 80% of women cannot orgasm from just vaginal penetration alone. Hm, sorry boys, but fingerbanging went out of style a long time ago.

There are far more factors to a woman hitting that high note than just something simply going inside of her. If you would just guide him in the right direction, he should be able to meet Ms. Clit and Ms. G-spot under very friendly terms.

They’ll get along, I promise.

4. Uhhh, because you’re missing out on an actual orgasm.

It’s just confusing why you would willingly give up feeling so good?

Sure, your Rabbit or Hitachi Magic wand can definitely do the trick, but there’s nothing better than an orgasm from the person you love. It’s nice to be generous in bed, but why put in all the effort just for him to feel good and for you not to?

5. What happens when you really do orgasm?

So. You’ve been “getting off” with the this perfect lip bite, sexy eye look, and cute, little moan that you’ve heard 100 times while watching porn. It’s quite literally the perfect orgasm.

Now your guy has finally done something right, and you actually climax – and not with a cute little moan, but with a loud animal sound that you can’t even seem to identify yourself. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, your whole body squirms, your muscles clench, and then you’re so relaxed you can’t even lift a finger.

Uh. What. The f*ck. Just. Happened. Is exactly what your guy will be thinking. Did I kill her???? He’s so used to your dainty little practiced orgasm that this will send him perplexed and surely get you caught. Busted, you dirty FO.

6. Being naked with another human being is incredibly intimate.

This is when you are most vulnerable. There’s nothing between your naked bodies but love, honesty, and trust. Faking will just create a wall between you two that will keep you from an incredible connection that you’re missing out on. One that you can only experience when you’re open and honest with each other.

So, stop lying to his face.

And to his penis.

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