46 Things All Runners Understand

“Running is a road to self-awareness and reliance-you can push yourself to extremes and learn the harsh reality of your physical and mental limitations or coast quietly down a solitary path watching the earth spin beneath your feet.” Doris Brown Heritage

1. People tell you running isn’t a sport…

2. But you just know it’s a different type of sport for a certain type of person.

3. But you know it’s the most mentally challenging sport there is.

4. While it’s a competition against others…

5. Because it would be nice to win every time.

6. It’s more you vs. yourself.

7. You just want to constantly improve and get better. 

8. Self-discipline is the key to success.

9. Sometimes you gotta be your own coach.

10. It comes bearing a lot of sacrifices.

11. Like not going out before race day.

12. You hate your alarm clock in the morning…

13. You think how you wish you could just sleep a bit longer.

14. But you know the only worse feeling than a morning run is missing it.

15. The first thing people say to you is, “I could never…”

16. You know with that mindset, they are right.

17. But you know anyone can be a runner if they wanted to.

18. It’s a sport anyone can pick up.

19. It becomes one of your most healthy addictions.

20. You’re running partner is one of the most important people in your life.

21. You don’t wanna let yourself down but more than that, you don’t want to let them down either.

22. It’s a community unlike any you’ve ever known.

23. Everyone, no matter how different you may be, has one thing in common on race day.

24. Race day is both exciting a nerve-racking.

25. The day is finally here and all you are thinking is “did I train enough for this?”

26. For those few hours, nothing matters more than the task at hand.

27. And no matter what is going on in your life, problems go away the moment you start. You get lost in your own world.

28. Your playlist is key.

29. Because when you hit that tough hill and a great song comes on you know you can do it.

30. There are miles where you’d like to just give up…

31. But you don’t.

32. But the voice in your head says, “you didn’t come this far to quit.”

33. You really appreciate people cheering.

34. And you may not know those people but they are helping you. Especially at the end.

35. Runner’s high is a real thing…

36. Those moments you just feel invincible.

37. But there are moments you hate running…

38. Thoughts of why did I do this, occurs in your mind more than once.

39. Although, there is no better feeling than PRing…

40. That moment you know you did better than the last time is the greatest feeling.

41. And crossing that finish line…

42. Is the best feeling ever.

43. Because you know there’s a medal there.

44. Medals are everything.

45. And when it’s over you realize how much you love this sport.

46. You finish and you think, “that wasn’t so bad.”

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