33 Signs You’re Secretly an Old Lady at Heart

Some people were born to become jewish moms, and when you realize you’re one of them, you’ll probably say ugh I’m becoming my mother:

  1. You are the definition of homebody.
  2. In any given situation, you are a pro schmoozer.
  3. You’re always giving everyone hugs and kisses…
  4. And food.
  5. Food is the cure for all.
  6. You are generally known as the caretaker in your group of friends…
  7. And you worry. A. Lot.
  8. You have absolutely everything you could ever need in your purse
  9. Tissues, water bottle, snacks, glasses…
  10. Even candy for when someone gets hit with that sweet tooth.
  11. While most people say omg, you can be heard saying oy vey.
  12. You love any kind of celebration…
  13. Birthdays, holidays, oh, and weddings.
  14. Weddings are THE BEST.
  15. You are a big sap when it comes to romance.
  16. When something really sweet or romantic happens, you sigh and say god bless
  17. You take care of your appearance.
  18. Your hair always looks fresh, your nails are always done, and you’re obvi always wearing your red lipstick.
  19. You and your girlfriends can talk on the phone for 6 hours on end.
  20. You get unusually excited when one of them gets engaged or pregnant.
  23. You love to play matchmaker, and you’ve always got your eyes out for a nice boy.
  24. You have every update there is to know about family members…
  25. Who is graduating from highschool, who has a new girlfriend, and who is fighting with whom.
  26. And you’ll play mediator to any fight.
  27. When someone is going through a breakup they know to come to you.
  28. You’ll rub their back when they cry…
  29. Call their ex a schmuck
  30. And make sure they’re eating enough food.
  31. At the end of the day…
  32. You really are an old lady at heart
  33. You’re just stuck in a 20-something body.

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