32 Things To Remember When You Think You’ll Be Forever Alone

It’s Sunday night and you’re sitting in your bed, wondering why you’re still alone in it. But as much as you wish Friday and Saturday could have salvaged that situation, those 48 hours weren’t enough.

If you find yourself getting stuck in your wallowing, remembering a few of these points might help to ease your quiet (or not so quiet) longing:

  1. Everybody is born alone. Unless you have a twin, that is…
  2. …And most of us leave this world alone.
  3. People in relationships constantly compare themselves to single people (and are jealous of them!).
  4. Important: Things didn’t work out with your ex for a reason.
  5. More important: This moment in time isn’t how it’s going to be forever.
  6. Being alone doesn’t mean being sad…
  7. …And if you are sad, then remember that happiness is making its way over to you.
  8. Booty calling your way into oblivion isn’t going to help.
  9. There’s way more right with you than it is wrong with you.
  10. You’re not doomed…
  11. …You just haven’t found anyone worthy of your time.
  12. You deserve a pat on the back for being selective with your love.
  13. If you were truly desperate you would have already settled for that guy with a missing front tooth.
  14. What’s loneliness when you have Netflix?
  15. Being alone is better than being in bad company.
  16. Being alone does not equal loneliness.
  17. One of the perks of being alone is that you can literally do whatever you want…
  18. …Whenever you want. You don’t have to ask anyone for permission for anything.
  19. Ask yourself this: Would you rather be alone or stuck in a sexless marriage? You have the rest of your life for that one.
  20. When someone rejects you, it’s the universe telling you that’s simply not the path for you…
  21. …And that they probably suck, anyway.
  22. Besides, that special someone will be worth the wait.
  23. This time can be used to focus on bettering the other aspects of your life.
  24. Your friends probably feel the same exact way you do…
  25. …So get together with them. Misery loves company.
  26. There’s a reason wine exists, you know.
  27. Only surround yourself with people who lift you up…
  28. …Not filler friends.
  29. There’s little in this world that dancing can’t fix.
  30. This is your time to explore everything the world has to offer you…
  31. …Don’t be the one that’s preventing you from doing so.
  32. Just because you don’t have someone right now doesn’t mean you’re not a rockstar in life.