31 Things Only Easily Distracted People Will Understand

As much as you’d like to be one of those people who can sit down and get one thing done at a time, you can’t. Even getting through the smallest task is like climbing Mt. Everest to you. But wait, before you get too distracted…

  1. Your friends always get mad at you because you never respond to their messages…
  2. …Even though you could’ve sworn you texted them back.
  3. You go downstairs and forget why you even went there in the first place.
  4. You start a sentence and suddenly…
  6. Your friend’s telling you…
  7. Wait, what’s that over there?
  8. You spend hours in the vortex that is Facebook and Instagram.
  9. Umm, is that something burning in the kitchen?
  10. People think you have ADD or ADHD. Maybe they’re right.
  11. The windows at school and work are so interesting.
  12. Is that something burning in the kitchen?
  13. You write what you hear instead of what you were supposed to.
  14. You’ve almost gotten into a car accident because you got distracted on the road. 
  15. You trail off in the middle of a night out with your friends and have your own adventures.
  16. You have to read a sentence five times in order to fully get through it…
  17. …You had to read that last one twice.
  18. You have a defense system for fighting off the accusations that you’re a bad listener. Even if it’s true.
  19. It takes you at least two to three times to remember someone’s name.
  20. You’ve definitely left the house bra-less or with only one half of your face with makeup on it.
  21. Subtitles? Are you kidding me?
  22. You frantically think you lost your sunglasses when they’re actually sitting on top of your head…
  23. …Same thing happens with your phone when it’s actually in your pocket.
  24. You will never remember directions. Even if it’s for an escape route out of a death trap.
  25. You stop listening when people tell you a story so you respond with “Mmmhmm… yeah” to everything.
  26. Your browser’s constantly crashing because you have too many tabs open…
  27. …One day your entire computer might just blow up.
  28. You get lost in a train of thought and end up standing next to your car for half an hour when you’re pumping it with gas…
  29. …You didn’t even realize people were honking behind you.
  30. You got distracted while trying to read this article.
  31. Wait, what were you even supposed to be doing before this?